Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Takrut Mai Phai Dtan (实心竹符管), Kruba Neua Chai (Muay Thai Legend Monk), Wat Tham Pha Archa Thong, Chiang Rai.

*With Kruba Neua Chai handwritten Yant.

别于其它空心竹,实心竹的每一 竹节都是札实的。 节节实心, 让你事事称心。


Effect : Very good for repel black magic and evil spirit.

Kruba Neua Chai is a monk with a very colourful character and past, having been a successful Traditional Muay Thai boxer and a law student, he now lives in the remote mountains of northern thailand (Chiang Rai), devoting his life to helping orphans and villagers ravaged by drug wars, Kruba's temple is also known as the golden horse temple, as it is home to many many horses that kruba and his disciples ride on to visit neighbouring villages and to preach. You can google kruba's biography, Channel News Asia even wrote an article on him.

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