Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Buccha Mae Nang Kwak 5", Kruba Ariyachart, Wat SangKaew Photiyan, Chiang Rai Province (B.E.2554).

Size : 5 inch base

Material : This Wealthy Mae Nang Kwak statue created from resin.

Powerful : “Mae Nang Kwak Maha Larp” by KB Ariyachart has many wonderful experiences especially about bring great wealth, good business, good luck and success for worshippers. Most suitable for people who involve in trend and food line. 

Presented : “Nang Kwak” made by KB Ariyachart is difference from the others traditional Nang Kwak whereby his Nang Kwak is fat and plump which is the symbol of plenty. On the other hand, there is holy bronze metal coin at Nang Kwak’s base.

Biography of Kruba Aliyachart
Kruba Aliyachart a very young monk only 28 years old (2009), but Kruba starting with his learning in his kid time. Let's share some of Kruba Biography that I get it from others website.

In aged 12, Kruba already follow his brother and become KaYong Wat and like to study. During that time, Kruba already show his intelligent in Buddhism Teaching. He can used one night only to familiar with Old LanNa (Tuah Meng) and later official as SaMakNing (6th,Apr,2541)at Wat Chai MongKung(Last Time Known As Wat Wang Mui), Lamphun. During Kruba 17 years old. Aliyachart name mean can understand the past and can know the future.

Kruba first study with Kruba Chang Tip whose very famous and also Master for Kruba Boon Chum.Then later study with Kruba Boon Som, Kruba Intha, Kruba Zhai Wong Sar & other Senior Kruba at Northern Thai.

Kruba also pass few years of Tudung life start from Chiang Mai ~ Lamphan ~ Paeh ~ Nan and stay at graveyard together with Phra Archan Manik and after that Phra Archan Manik was leaving and Kruba continue his Samadhi here alone for total of 8 months.

Kruba was very well known on his Samadhi practice, just go for Deep Meditation for 8 days 7 night in this year from 2.1.09 to 9.1.09 with only 1 bottle of water and without eating and going out anywhere.

Katha Rich Rich Rich Super Rich !!!
Namo Tassa Bhagavato, Arahato, Samma Sambuddhasa (x 3times)
Na Ma Pu Tat Nan
Na Ma Pu Po Ti Ya
Na Ma Pi Mu Ta Man
Na Ma Pi Mu Ti Ya

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