Quote of the Day

人们来探望我是因为他们发出自己的内心想要来,不是强迫性而来。没有任何的东西能够阻止或干扰 ~ 当他们都配带着一颗忠诚之心和放开心怀而来。
~ 龙普恩 ~
"People come visit it is because they want to come not by force. Nothing can interfear or disturb when they come with a faithful and Open heart"
~ Luang Phor Eaum PakChorTor ~

~ Luang Phor Eaum ~ 
" คำพูดก็เหมือนกระจก ย่อมสะท้อนสิ่งที่ดี และไม่ดีของตัวเรา หากคิดดี ทำดี พูดดี ย่อมเจอสิ่งที่ดีกลับมา " 

~ คำสอนพ่อท่านเอื้อมครับ ~

" Speech is like a mirror, It reflects the good and bad to us, you must talk good, do good and think good then good will come back"

~ Luang Phor Eaum, Samnak Song Taling Chan, Phatthalung Province (B.E.2557) ~

ถ้าใช้สติ ทำเรื่องใหญ่ๆก็กลายเป็นเล็ก
แต่ถ้ามีอคติเสียแล้ว แม้เรื่องเล็กๆ ก็กลายเป็นเรื่องใหญ่
~ คำสอนพ่อท่านเอื้อมครับ ~

"If you have a clear conscious, when facing a big problem, it will become a small matter. If you are bias, Even a small problem, It will becomes a big issue"

~ Luang Phor Eaum, Samnak Song Taling Chan, Phatthalung Province (B.E.2557) ~

"ให้ละ ให้ทาน ให้อภัย ให้ได้ก็สบายใจ ได้บุญได้กุศล"

"Giving, Forgiving and Peace of Mind thus one will have Merit"

~ Luang Phor Eaum, Samnak Song Taling Chan, Phatthalung Province (B.E.2557) ~

"Merit making bring happiness and good feeling. Before doing, the feeling is good, while doing it the feeling is the best and after done, the feeling is simply wonderful. When thinking of it will bring you many happiness".

~ Long Phu Doo Prompunyo ~


"บุญ คือ ความสบายใจ ก่อนทำก็สบายใจ ขณะทำก็สบายใจ ทำแล้วก็สบายใจ คิดถึงทีไร สบายใจทุกที"
~ หลวงปู่ดู่ พรหมปัญโญ ~

Luang Phu Doo, Wat Sakae
Luang Long Dum (the direct lineage of LP Doo), Wat Sakae
Luang Long Dum
A bit of Luang Long Dum background sharing to my friends who don't know LP. Luang Long Dum was one of the close disciple of Luang Phu Doo. During Luang Phu Doo time, Luang Long Dum was a close disciple who made fresh brew tea to LP Doo every morning. Luang Long Dum was a very hardworking monk who learn a lots from LP Doo and LP Sie too. Luang Long Dum main interest was not in wicha(magic) but in meditation and also medicinal herbs making. Hence a lots of local villagers knew of Luang Long Dum miracle medicine he made himself. Which is famous for treating cholesterol, low blood pressure, headache, back pain, strengthening the immune system against fever or flu. During Luang Long Dum younger days, Luang Phu Doo always persuade Luang Long to go tudong and meet more geji ahjan to learn different thing and seek answers. One of Luang Long Dum encounter was when Luang Phu ask him to go Lampang and meet one of the guru there. Luang Long went alone to Lampang. Upon reaching the area. A monk came to greet him and told Luang Long Dum, he was expecting him and his kuti was being prepared as per request from Luang Phu Doo. Luang Long Dum was surprised and asked how do you know. The monk replied your master told me this morning. Whereas Luang Phu Doo is in temple this morning. The monk just smiled and said I am your master good friend Luang Phor Kasem Khemako. Hence Luang Long Dum started to pursue his practise for mindfulness meditation further which thai call Phra Pathibat Tham.

** Luang Phor Kasem and Luang Phu Doo has equal respect for each other but they have not met each other at all. Both communicate through meditation. **

After B.E.2526 onwards Luang Phu Doo health was not very healthy and well. Luang Phu was very weak and Luang Long Dum was the 1st choice for personal hand write Jarn Arkarat all of Luang Phu Doo rian. For Rian B.E.2528 Luang Pu Thuad, Rian Kaipa B.E.2528, Rian Setthi B.E.2531 copper and Rian Luang Phu Thuad Pert Lob copper B.E.2532 all are handwritten personally by Luang Long Dum.

Happy Wesak
Happy is the birth of Buddhas. Happy is the teaching of the sublime Dhamma. Happy is the unity of the Sangha. Happy is discipline of the united ones. May Peace and Happiness be with you. Dhammapada   

The Dhammapada says:

"Those who mistake the unreal to be real, and the real to be unreal;
dwelling thus in wrong thoughts, (they) will never arrive at reality." 

Respect is for those who DESERVE it, not for those who DEMAND it. 
(Luang Pu Keow, Wat Hui Ngor, Pattani & Phor Gae Chao Seng, Wat Bahn Trang, Pattani.)