Sunday, August 21, 2016

Rian Jeronporn, Phim Kamakan, Nur Chanuan, Kruba Noi, Wat Sridonmoon A.Sarapee, Chiang Mai Province (B.E.2559)

Kruba Noi personally Jant special Yant on the front & back. 
No. : 71
Made : 99 pcs

All Rian Jeronporn (Phim Kamakan) was soak inside the holy water (che-nam-moon) during the consecration and chanting ceremony. This piece is mixed with all those old takruts from Kruba Noi.

Come with new waterproof plastic casing and temple box.

Effect : Prosperity, Wealthy fetching, Bring Good Protection and Peace, Improve to strong business luck, boost your career and business, Protection from harm and danger, Deflect away black magic and bad luck.

1st batch Roop Muern Pump, Silver Material, Kruba Noi, Wat Sridonmoon A.Sarapee, Chiang Mai Province (B.E.2557)

Kruba Noi personally Jant special Yant on the bottom. 3 codes. 
Number : 305 
Come with brand new waterproof transparent plastic casing ready to wear.

Monk : Kruba Noi

Temple : Wat Sridonmoon A.Sarapee
Province : Chiang Mai

Special : This is Superb Powerful of First Batch Silver Kruba Noi Roop Muern Pump (Height 2.8cm) strongly blessed by Kruba Noi in year B.E.2557. Featured efficacious of sacred image of Kruba Noi with name details at front. Additional with temple name details, ONE in Thai numeral which represent 
'First Batch' and series number 309 at back. Hand Carved Yants & Chop 3 Codes at bottom. This sacred First Batch Kruba Noi Roop Murn Pump is made from sacred Silver materials and for total made 700pcs only. Supplied with temple box. I strongly recommend for all the collector who like KB Noi's amulet.   

Effect : Prosperity, Wealthy fetching, Bring Good Protection and Peace, Improve to strong business luck, boost your career and business, Protection from harm and danger, Deflect away black magic and bad luck. 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Phra Khun Paen Phong Prai Guman, Phim Yai, 7th Anniversary, Luang Phor Sin, Wat Lahanyai, Rayong Province (B.E.2554)

Materials : Mixed with left over Phong Prai Guman of LP Tim, Wat Lahanrai. Inserted with a Rian Meed Daeng image of LP Sin, Gemstones, Jeevorn and Hairs.

No. : 818

Brand new, Unworn. Come with temple box.

LP Sin is under the lineage of LP Aum,  LP Lat Wat Bangkaprok and LP Tim Wat Lahanrai.

*LP Tim Wat Lahanrai is one of the famous maker for making effectiveness Khun Paen Phong Prai Guman guru.

This was the prime reason that he created this amulet, known as Khun Paen Pong Plai Guman, which will is able to help followers in fortune-fetching, bringing good luck and making oneself well-liked by people around you. You will be loved and admired by others, offerings and good fortune will transpire form the least expected places. It is also good for improving one's interpersonal relationships and attracting people.

Charm on its own though is not sufficient, proficiency is also required to solve life's problems. Proficiency that lives within you and flows rapidly and easily when most needed. As long as you possess consciousness, intelligence, patience and constant effort, this attribute will be available to you, to steer you on a safe course through these difficult times.

Last but not least is good fortune and luck. Luck will look down upon you wherever you go. This Khun Paen Pong Plai Guman amulet will bring the owner luck and fortune in abundance. With these three blessings the quality of your life will dramatically improve forever.
What is Plai Guman powder ???

Luang Pu Tim of Wat Lahanrai used to create Pong Plai Guman powder followed very ancient ways, which only a few monks had the knowledge to create successfully.

Kon Kulahp (the disciple of Luang Pu Tim) was instructed by Luang Pu Tim to find the corpse of a woman that died during pregnancy and the woman should have died on a Saturday and cremated on a Tuesday. He was further told that once such a cadaver was located that he should remove parts of the child's skull, from the unborn fetus and not look back once the sacred material had been secured. This was carried out in accordance with the wishes of Luang Pu Tim.

Luang Pu Tim chanted a special Katha for one week in order to prevent the spirit departing from the Plai Guman. Once completed, Kon Kulahp was instructed to pound and grind the material into a fine powder, which he commenced to do, before becoming somewhat disturbed by sparks emanating from the mortar. He had to burn incense and ask for forgiveness before this phenomena abated.

Luang Pu Tim took the Plai Guman powder and mixed it with a number of other sacred powders including, Itije powder, Patamang powder, Jindahmanee powder and 108 different herbs and sedges. The mixture was chanted for days on end.

The Plai Guman was also added to a few other batches of amulets including this Khun Paen , Phra Somdej, Phra Piddta and Phra Kring Chinabahnchorn. In the case of the Phra Kring amulet the material was added to the base.

The Reason why Luang Pu Tim chose to use the skull of a dead child in the process was because the amulet made by Plai Guman will provide merit from Lord Buddha and the power and protection will come from Plai Guman.

According to some comments and reviews by the archans, monks and local Thai people, khun paen amulet generally is best for :
1) Able to naturally attract the opposite sex.
2) Get to be liked, trusted, respected and admired by everyone.
3) Get to develop indestructible confidence and courage.
4) Easiler to ask for favour and help.
5) Gain the "upper hand" in business or career.
6) Sucessful in everything that your do.
7) Great luck and great charm.
8) Victories in all aspects of lifes.
and much much more....

Pae Roon Raek (1st batch), Nur Takua, Phim Kamakan, Luang Phor Sin, Wat Lahanyai, Rayong Province (B.E.2555)

- Code Na, code Sala and code "9". The three special code to differentiate Phim Kamakan. Normal Phim without these codes. 

- Bottom inserted with Phong Prai Guman and Jeevorn.
Unworn condition, come with new waterproof plastic casing & temple box.

The body of the Pae handcrafted with scared Yant by Luang Phor Sin himself. This efficacious Kreung Rang Charming Pae is extremely great charisma & attract opposite sex (Metta Maha Niyom & Metta Maha Saney) as the male Goat will always be accompanied by female goat. Pae is known as a tough and strong animal which ward off harm (Kaew Klaad) & Khakai (Business, Sales & Trading).

LP Sin is under the lineage of LP Aum,  LP Lat Wat Bangkaprok and LP Tim Wat Lahanrai.

*LP Aum is the No.1 Pae maker of Rayong Province.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Phra Khun Paen Rainbow Colors (3 Gold handwrite Yant Takruts, a Gemstone & a little piece of Jeevorn), Luang Phor Sawai, Wat Preedaram, Nakhon Pathom Province (B.E.2541)

No. : 185
龙婆撒怀这个名字在泰国有很多高僧同名不过这一位หลวงพ่อไสว(译音:龙波撒怀) 可是一位泰国佛统府知名的高僧佛历2464年(西元1921年) 1月18日出生于泰国大城府父亲叫เสื่อ(译音:舍)母亲叫ยิ้ม (译音:音) 父亲是一位村长同时也是一位具有特殊技能的人也常喝酒一旦酒醉了就会吃玻璃甚至还有吹火等法术表演给村子的人看这些印象在师父的心底深植师父对这些还蛮有兴趣的但是还小所以没办法学之后父亲过世师父就开始去各地居住到最后师父就到วัดยายส้ม(译音:瓦亚宋) 或现在叫วัดปรีดาราม(译音:瓦比达兰)寺庙在2481年时国小毕业学校就是在本寺的学校所以就在本庙当小和尚由วัดเชิงเลน(译音:瓦称连)寺的หลวงปู่ใจ(译音:龙普斋)师父收他为徒当时的龙普斋在当地也是一位很有名的师父龙波撒怀师父在本庙当小和尚4年于2484年7月4日正式出家由วัดบางช้างใต้ (译音:瓦邦长代)寺的หลวงพ่อใย (译音:龙波呀)剃度取了一个名叫ฐิตวณุโณ(译音:底汪怒啂) 师父先从经文巴利文学起及นั่งสมาธิ(译音:三麻替乃禅坐之意) อาคมต่างๆ以及法术等等因师父从小就很有兴趣了于是师父开始找对法术厉害的高僧拜师有些法术甚至对生命有危险师父也都不怕坚持到学会为止龙波撒怀高僧曾经跟很多有名的高僧学习例举其中几位他曾经是这几位师父的徒弟… 1.หลวงปู่พูน วัดใหม่ปิ่นเกลียว (译音:龙普喷,瓦买丙寺) 2.หลวงพ่อแช่ม วัดตาก้อง (译音:龙波欠,瓦答贡寺) 3.หลวงพ่อวงษ์ วัดทุ่งผัดกูด (译音:龙普翁,瓦痛啪古寺) 4.หลวงพ่อเงิน วัดดอนยายหอม (译音:龙普艮,瓦咚亚宏寺) 以上的师父都有教龙波撒怀督造佛牌的技术加持牌的方法所以师父督造的佛牌是非常受欢迎的在泰国佛牌界还流传道这位高僧亲制佛牌的声望可以算是一位名声排在很前面的论法术龙波撒怀高僧在当时可是赫赫有名当地是无人不晓他也非常正直将老寺วัดปรีดาราม(译音:瓦比达兰)这间寺庙盖成大庙一般的寺院以及整体修建是他很大的一个理想督造佛牌募款也是为了寺庙及僧众在佛历2544年(西元2001年) 终于将整间寺庙盖成了照片里面的宏伟模样百姓也都很欢喜但同年龙波撒怀高僧也在11月11日圆寂享年80岁金身也供奉于寺中。

Luang Phor SaWai
Luang Phor SaWai of Wat PreeDaRarm, NaKhon Pathom province. LP was born in Ayutthaya province on 18 January 1921. LP SaWai was novice at the age of 16 at Wat PreeDaRarm and was ordained as a monk on 4 July 1941. He was ordained by LP Yai, Phra Arjarn Jerm and Phra Arjarn Pleung and was given the religious name of TiTaVaNo.

He has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. In addition, LP commenced studies in Visha (magic) and making efficacious amulets from LP Poon of Wat MaiPinGlee-oh, LP Ngurn of Wat YaiSom, Arjarn Yung, LP Kow of Wat YaiSom, Arjarn PinRaud, Arjarn Cham, LP PaLudToo of Wat NgaungSur-ah, and LP PraPun ComeSing.

LP SaWai went also called “Tudong” in the jungle alone at Northeast of Thailand. Tudong is monk’s journey to gain knowledge, to build up good karma and to know the teaching of Buddha. Asian people such as Thai, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong respect such a monk who made amulet was very famous in wealth and protection. LP was well known among amulet collectors. Many people said that LP SaWai was a monk who possessed a lot of metta (loving-kindness) and bahramee (power). LP SaWai was well known for making “Phra Khun Paen” LP SaWai passed away on 11 November 2000 at the age of 80.

Effect : Increase charming and attractiveness, Prosperity, Wealthy fetching, Good in dealing with people, Good in relationship, Improve to strong money luck and strong business luck, your business can grow when everything is going your way.

Rian 7 Rob Sema, PaChaLuk (3 layers), Nur Nawak Phiset with Chanuan Mask, Luang Phor Eaum, Wat SuanPa Taling Chan, Phattalung (B.E.2558)

- more thicker
No. : 32
Made Limited : 42 pieces

龙婆恩七轮盾形自身牌,瓦顺吧达玲赞,八打隆 (佛年 : 二五五八)-比较厚
原料 :吧查露(三层) 特别九宝铜盖旧料面
号码 :三十二
限量制造 :四十二粒
(Rian Sang Kutti) - This batch of Rian 7 Rob Sema LP Eaum is raise fund to made monk kutti. 

These are the famous geji ajahn Rian and Takrut that melt in as chanuan for mixing in Rian 7 Rob Sema Phor Than Eaum to make Rian Nur Chanuan and Nawak. 

这些都是著名师父阿姜所制造的铜牌和塔古将会融化成为旧料放入混合龙普恩 Rian 7 Rob Sema 里头做旧料铜牌和九包铜铜牌。

Rian Ajarn Khun Pan Holding Sword (Parang) & Jatukam Ramathep & Rahu, Nur Ngern (B.E. 2550)

This batch of Jatukam is created by Ajarn Khun Pan's son (Kon Lek) for the memory of late Ajarn Khun Pan. Blessed by Top Monks in 4 Grand Ceremony by conducted final blessing at Wat Mahathat in year B.E.2550. 

This Rian made from sacred Silver materials with mixed Holy Yant sheets, Metal in Chedi and Metal of Ajarn Khun Pan's Sword. Featured stunning images of Ajarn Khun Pan Holding Sword, Jatukam Ramathep, Phra Rahu and sacred Yant around the Rian at both side. Additional have code at side. Some people call this batch as Parang batch. 

Ajarn Khun Pan had gained high respect when he was police general. A very worth collectible especially for Ajarn Khun Pan's follower.

Effect : Prevent backstabber & gossip, Protection from harm and danger, Smooth in Sales and Great Fortune, earn good opportunity and successful in everything that you do, grants wishes and help you achieve your goal. Overcome all obstacles in life.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Rian 7 Rob Sema, PaChaLuk (3 layers), Nur Nawak Phiset with Silver Mask, LP Eaum, Wat SuanPa Taling Chan, Phattalung (B.E.2558)

more thicker
No. : 25
Made Limited : 42 pieces

龙婆恩七轮盾形自身牌,瓦顺吧达玲赞,八打隆 (佛年 : 二五五八)-比较厚

原料 :吧查露(三层) 特别九宝铜盖银面
号码 :二十五
限量制造 :四十二粒

Monday, August 1, 2016

Phra Pidta 1st batch, Nur Wahn with Jang Rak, bottom inserted with a takrut, Chao Khun Onn, Wat PhraChum Cholthara, Sungai Padi, Narathiwat (B.E.2538)

在今时今日的泰南,因为有着不同的宗教信仰,在当地时常会爆发宗教冲突。比如泰南的回教武装分子,时常会策划恐怖活动。但在当地却有一位高僧,不只受到佛教徒们的尊重,也被回教徒和其它的宗教信徒所尊重。他就是泰王御封的僧王昭坤ONN,现在在 Sugaipadee被称为 Tontep (全名:PratepSinlaveesut/ Onn tontajitto) 昭坤ONN在泰国是一位知名高僧,今年72岁,出生于1938年一月七日。昭坤ONN在二十一岁时出家为僧,并拜龙婆术为师。龙婆术跟大马比打王TOK RAJA为同门师兄弟,他们的师父也是泰国有名的高僧龙婆占。昭坤ONN在年轻时对于修行非常的精进所以很受到当地人的尊敬,也同时他怀有一颗慈悲的心,引用他那丰富的佛学知识去帮助人民解决很多纠纷和难题。 昭坤ONN可称为一位非常特殊的僧人,不但会马来语,对建筑与设计也非常感兴趣,而且还是为修行非常严格的僧人。昭坤ONN是泰南一带信众的心灵依靠者。由于泰国南部出现恐怖分子发生枪战,昭坤ONN常以佛法引导信众让大家勇敢的面对乱局。更加鼓励佛教徒与伊斯兰教徒和平相处,互相帮助,并教导人民不应因彼此信奉不同的宗教,就互相仇视彼此,应该尊重和体谅彼此。也因为如此,每当昭坤ONN有任何法会或生日时,当地的回教代表都会出席并献上捐款给与他们所尊重的昭坤ONN。 昭坤ONN在东南亚各国家都有大量的信徒,每天都会有不同国籍的信徒上门拜访,希望得到昭坤ONN的祝福。有时一天的访客太多了,可是昭坤ONN不忍拒绝千里迢迢来拜访他的信徒,便强打起精神为信徒加持与祈福。信徒被得到昭坤ONN的祝福,都在所求的方面有所好转,同时一些得到昭坤ONN提醒未来将会发生什么事的信徒,也一一的应验了!!所以信徒们相信,照坤ONN有一张“金口”,所讲出的事都会实现。 昭坤ONN和泰国皇室的关系非常的好,举凡昭坤ONN举办任何法会,皇室必派成员出席,这也要说到早年泰皇与昭坤的相遇。在昭坤ONN刚步入中年时,有一次,泰国九世皇蒲眉蓬南下省察民情,从当地的官员与民众口中听到昭坤ONN的事迹,钦佩之心油然而起,便邀请昭坤ONN一路陪伴省察。九世皇在一路的省察过程都向昭坤ONN询问意见,而昭坤ONN的回答总是能解答泰皇的疑问,并提出了非常好和能解决问题的意见。 泰皇经过这次的会面,对昭坤深感钦佩不已,便在回宫后不久,亲自册封昭坤ONN为僧王(照坤),而这荣衔在泰国僧侣的阶级上仅次于只有一位的“顺德治”。泰皇同时也任命昭坤ONN为曼谷市一间庙的住持,同时委任昭坤ONN为Narathiwa, pathani 和yala这三省政府部门和寺庙的总顾问,所以有什么问题无法做出一个决定时,便会请教昭坤ONN。昭坤ONN同时也是WatKaogo, wat phadihauthalam和wat phalamsaddhi的顾问,不只这些,吉兰丹所有的寺庙在有法会都会通知昭坤ONN,希望他能出席。泰皇也以昭坤ONN的名义开一个基金会,再调动一大笔钱进入者基金会,任昭坤调动。而昭坤ONN也运用基金会在泰南长期支持寺庙发展,成人学校活动,并帮助贫困的人民。 昭坤ONN常为生病的信徒祈福,并赠予生病的信徒他所加持过的圣水。喝了这些圣水的信徒们,如果天寿已尽,就很安详并没有痛苦的离去。如果并非阳寿将至或业障所引起的疾病,信徒们喝了圣水后,很快便康复了。 昭坤ONN本身所出的佛牌也非常的有名,由于跟TOK RAJA 师承一脉,照坤ONN也非常善长制造“必达”:富贵遮面佛佛牌。这包括铜牌,黑木必达等等。相传:曾经有军人佩戴昭坤 Onn的佛牌跟恐怖分子战斗,结果军人安全无事!
照坤ONN所制作的佛牌里最受藏家喜爱的是2538年第一批的必达佛牌 。 此批必达无论用料或加持开光都是相当圆满.用料方面包括了:2497龙普托旧粉,108种草药,龙波Dum (Wat Mainaparam已故泰南高僧也是制作立体必达闻名)的特别老粉等等.. 开光方面有昭坤Onn先开光然后送由阿詹弄(wat saikao),龙波本(Wat Bangphra),龙波Dum(Wat Mainaparam) ,龙波Keaw (Wat Huigor目前泰南制作龙普托佛牌高僧),瓦仓海(Wat changhai)和瓦邦蛇( Wat Bangshe)在度加持开光。已有圆满的效力的证明,一向是回教武装分子最活跃的南部yala省在不久前一位佩戴此必达的信众遭到回教武装的攻击而逃过一劫,令大师此批必达名声大噪加上泰皇的钦点新马藏家都认为此批是南部最有收藏和佩戴价值的必达。 在这佛教末法的时代,还能有一位福慧双修高僧,实乃佛教徒之福分。而难得的是昭坤ONN也不辞劳苦,不在乎自己日渐年迈的身体周游列国,只为了能帮助各国的信徒们,加强他们对佛法的了解与信任,并为他们祈福,加持改善信徒们的运势。昭坤ONN的德行,真正的体现出佛教的慈悲与普渡丛生的精神,在此也向昭坤ONN献上万二分的敬意。

Jatukam Ramathep, Roon JayDeeRai, Orange Brick Color (B.E.2545)

Brand new, unworn. Come with original temple box
Size : Diameter 4.5 cm

Effect : Strong blessing fortune, Overcome all obstacles in life, Good in wealth and business, Good opportunity and successful in everything that you do, Grants wishes and helps you achieve your aims.