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It has been a few years since we start introduce genuine and effective amulets to others.
This section is to share our experiences gain through months of dealing and interacting with our friends all over the state.
We felt so grateful that our amulets has help most of the peoples. The feeling is really awesome when we receive personal messages and calls from people around the state telling us how fantastic and how much differences that their life has transform into after they use our amulets.
Sincerely, I do hope this section will benefits you and clear some of the doubt in your heart about Thai amulets.

Q: I am a Female. Can I wear amulet when I have period?
A: In Buddhism, there is also nun. So does nun disrobe when they have period?
In Thai amulet, we believe in praying with heart and faith together with using the right kind of powerful and effective amulet. Compassion gods and monks do not judge or have difference between male and female. Just wash your hand and treat it with due respect every time when you deal with it.

Q: How do I know this amulet is the right amulet?
A: Through months of our experience and introducing the right and effective amulet.
We do not introduce amulet without knowing your actual problem. After knowing the ACTUAL ROOT of your problem, we will introduce the ACTUAL RIGHT AND SUITABLE amulet for you to solve your problem.

Q: Can I have the chant without ‘renting’ the amulet?
A: We have the Katha section in my blog. The section is meant to
share with everyone and some of it is very useful to chant everyday, especially the protection and remove obstacles katha. The katha for the amulet is only meant to be given when purchase together with the amulets. The reason is because we do not want people to misuse it. Furthermore, some of the katha is powerful. If misuse wrongly, instead of inviting helps from deva or gods, you might invite the wrong "thing" and get the wrong result. We will only give katha chanting if the monk himself provide us with the suitable katha and give specific instruction on how to use.

Some amulet does not require chanting as it is already properly blessed by the monk himself and have energy in it. Just wear with faith and you can feel the different.

Theravada vs. Mahayana Buddhism

How to you calculate Thai Calendar?  
543 years from Buddhist Calendar + Western Calendar = Thai Calendar
543 + 2017 = 2560