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Takrut Sarm Sao (three pillars), Yod Tone (early batch), Ajahn Kaen, Wat Thong Lor, Nakhon Si Thammarat (around B.E.251x - 2522)

Length : 110 cm

Archan Kaen is known to be "King of Takrut" during his era in Nakorn Si Thammarat province. Due to his fame after being commissioned by the recently passed away Sangkarat Yanasangwon to produce waist takrut for the army as well as the police force. Sangkarat Yanasangwon got to know of Archan Kaen after a train driver took his waist takrut out to be "re-blessed" by Sangkarat. Immediately he felt a tingling sensation in his hands after holding onto the takrut. As such he ask the train driver where he got this takrut from and to bring him to visit that particular master. Sangkarat then told Archan Kaen that this will keep the royal army safe in the war and requested him to make this takrut.

This is the one of the early version of Takrut. With 3 pieces. Also known as Takrut 3 dok. Do note that Takrut created by Archan Kaen it is much lighter in weight.

Phor Than Kaen was born on 5 April B.E.2449. He was the son pf Tub and Neaw Thongchum. When he was a child, he was very naughty so he was called "Kaen". He became a monk at Wat Wua Lung when he was 21 years old. His amulet is very sacred in Klaew Klaad: free from all harms. Apart from his sacred amulet, he is well-known for treatment, healing broken bone just by massaging with oil.

Takrut Sarm Sao (three pillars) as strong as three main pillars. Ajahn Kaen good for prevent firearms, prevent danger, prevent black magic and evil spirit, Metta Maha Niyom (attractiveness) and good fortune, good luck. 
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Rian 1st batch, Nur Ngern Red color LongYa, Phor Gae Chao Seng, Wat Prawet Phupha (Wat BanTrang), Mattani (B.E.2556)

Come real gold frame
Phor Than Chao Seng (也有人称Phor Gae Chao Seng)。从简单的网络资料得知, PT Chao Seng是当今泰南三府(Pattani,Yala 以及Narathiwat)出家年资最高的师父之一。PT Chao Seng生于佛历2462(公元1919年)2月7日,今年94岁。佛历2483 (公元1940),21岁的PT Chao Seng出家为僧,至今已是迈入第73三个年头了,目前是Wat Ban Trang的住持。

PT Chao Seng是生于泰南北大年府(Pattani)的Mayo县。那时一个曾经充满民族传统色彩的小镇,在1400年前,这里曾经是佛教与婆罗门教的盛行地。而如此, Pattani连同另外两个府,Yala以及Narathiwat,目前大多数人民信奉伊斯兰教。

过去10年来,这个本来祥和的泰南地区,被恐怖分子搞得人心惶惶,若非亲身去体验,是绝对很难去体会当地居民的心情。 能够搬离的人,都搬离到别的地方, 留下的人, 除了靠军警来保护之外,他们最大的依靠就是寺院与高僧。PT Chao Seng就是其中一位备受当地居民乃至军警的爱戴。

除了依靠军力与武器之外,没有什么东西比得上佛牌圣物,更能给泰南平民带来安全感。PT Chao Seng这几十年来,过着非常简低调的生活,他所加持的圣物广泛的被当地居民与军人所喜爱。尤其是军人们,多次有遇到带了PT Chao Seng的圣物之后化险为夷,比如子弹开不出,炸弹只出烟但没爆炸等等类似的事件。泰国佛牌圣物的神奇,在这样的环境下更加明显了。 

年高94的PT Chao Seng在今年才动了个膝盖的手术,然而让人惊讶的是他复原的非常快,现在走起路来不需要人扶,耳力视觉都依然正常。


老师父说,他出家后就来到Wat Ban Trang安居,70多年前,当时的社会依然非常的远离发展,不管是教育,医药等发展的步伐始终来不到这里。所以,人民一直以来都是过着非常简单的生活。为了可以更能够帮助到人民,PT Seng发心学习各种可以接触人们痛苦的法术,因为他认为身为出家人,他的任务不只是吃饭诵经而已,反而应该随缘随份的为社会做出贡献。

PT Chao Seng的法术,主要是跟两位大师学习,Phor Than Thong Keow 以及Phor Than Chai。这两位都是Wat Ban Trang的老师父。其中Phor Than 才Chai是Wat Ban Trang当时的住持,PT Chai传给PT Chao Seng的法术都是Wat Ban Trang的古老法门。比如神牛(Kwai Thanu),天将(Hoon Payong),以及法带(Kayaphan)。

PT Chao Seng解释有关『法带』 (Kayaphan)的意义:这是Wat Ban Trang过去历代祖师流传下来,记录的法术宝典里的一门秘门法术。 


PT Chao Seng说,每一条法带都是他的代表,因此,每个经文每一个仪轨步骤,必须完全依照祖师们所流传下来的方法,外面的人,曾经联络过PT Chao Seng,希望老师父可以大量“生产”,但PT Chao Seng没有答应,因为,他认为身为制作与加持的师父,必须对供奉此圣物的信徒之生命负责任。

PT的圣物,最为人称道的就是其“避险”的功能。其实,PT Chao Seng的法术,也包含了人缘、招财之效果。


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Jing Jok (Lizard Couples) made by old ivory, Luang Pu Naai, Wat Ban Chaeng, Ayutthaya Province.

Lizard chase women (1st in Thailand)  
Luang Pu Naai of Wat Ban Chaeng Ayutthaya 
“Jing Jok Dieow…….Prieow Jat Jing Jok Koo…….Sadoong Pee 
Jing Jok Tee……… Nan Kuap Song Jing Jok Si………… Ka Yee Saam”  

Lizard amulet’s Luang Pu Naai is the best in Thailand. It was inheriting to the present. He also famus in tattoo “Sak Yan Gao Yot”. In addition, he was talisman to his disciple. There are 3 type of tattoo, single lizard, couple lizard, and triple lizard. It can talisman with red color, black color, and oil. The tattoo was give the impossible experience such as have girlfriend 4-5 people at one time. The innovation of its become a amulet. It is easy to carry and worship. It is also well know to foreign. The property of his tattoo is invulnerable power, when free from talisman. He always practices the dharma at temple cemetery. 

Luang Pu Naai Intasiro, he was study monk’s discipline and scripture moreover also learn about magic. Once, he ever had been to Supanburi for pilgrimage. He was meet Master Jan “Jomjonyamdeang”, famous on magic. Master Jan is the closer follower of Luang Pu Suk of Wat Klong Makhamtao, the most famous magic master of Chainat. That time he decides to stay and lean the magical with Mater Jan. He was learn the escape magic, invulnerable magic, love charm, and especially for talisman. He was learning expressiveness on it and become a lizard amulet. It helps a lot of his disciple. Thus, Master Jan bring him to meet his master, Luang Pu Suk, after he had learn all of his magic formula. This is the place in a year he had learn a lot of magic from Luang Pu Suk. He learns and lives here to served Luang Pu Suk until later live. It can call that he is the last disciple of Luang Pu Suk. The most popular love charm amulet of Luang Pu Naai of Wat Baanjang is “Lizard” and most popular escape amulet is “Takrud”  

Creation material and Special Process  
The prominent point of lizard amulet is the beauty of carving and identities clearly show the purpose of used. It made from several materials such as alloy (about 2,000 pieces) and ivory carving by carver from Payuhakiri Nakornsawan (about 300 pieces). The rest are from auspicious wood such as teak, bombax wood (about 200 pieces), black coralline and one hole coconut shell in few number. 
The property of lizard  

It is outstanding for love charm and business luck, somebody call “Lizard of Luck”. According to the old book, who are worship lizard sometime hear lizard voice, without lizard there, means the luck are coming. Rather than that, it is also powerful of invulnerable too. Lizard can device into 4 types. There are single, couples, triple and the rarest is four lizards with bind tail. Example of experience user is the restaurant owner. He has a couple of lizard “we were packed almost every day”. It is show the power of Lizard Luang Pu Naai in term of business luck. 
The spell to worship lizard amulet (Na-Mo 3 rounds) “ A-Ai A-Ma A-Ma A-Ai A-Ai Ja-Hang A-Ma Swa-Ha Ae-Hi A-Ma Pi-Ya-Ti-Ga Ma-Ni Ma-Na Pa-Tha Tha-Pa-Na-Ma ” (3 rounds) trick to weak lizard up after worship spell make sound “Ju-Ju” and hit lizard. 

Lizard king defeat the enemy spell 
“Tom-Eu Tom-Eu Ya-Eu Na-Ma-Pa-Ta Ta-Pa-Na-Ma ”  
The right of use : this is the spell of Luang Pu Naai before use please reminiscent to him.  

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