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Phra Gleeb-bua Pra-tarn-pon, Luang Phor Mui, Wat Parakum Neua, Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Material : Nur Phong Na Patthamang + Nam Nom Kwai (Buffalo Milk Powder)  

Come with 3rd placing amulets competition certificate. 

Phra Gleeb-Bua amulet made by LP Mui is the best of protection that can help worshiper from harm, weapon, black magic and accident.

Luang Phor Mui was a well - known guru monk in Thailand and a former abbot of Wat Parakum Neua in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. LP Mui had a lot of disciples not only in Thailand but also Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. LP Mui was born on Tuesday the 4th April 1899 in Pakphanang District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. He got ordained on the 5th July 1919 at Wat Parakum Neua. He became an abbot of Wat Wat Parakum Neua in 1934. He went to study meditation with LP Jued and LP Sak at Wat Thamkhaoplu, Chumphon Province. Then he and LP Song of Wat JaoFaSaLaLoi, Chumphon Province spent many years on going on a pilgrimage in the deep jungle in Chumphon Province, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Phetchaburi Province and Ratchaburi Province. LP Mui behaved very well and was very serious about rules of monk. Apart from that, he was very omniscient such as herbal medicine, sorcery and preaching. LP Mui passed away on Friday the 22nd May 1992 at the age of 93.

Kiao Ser (real sacred tiger canine) made by Ajahn Tong (Grand Master of Sak Yant), Talat Phlu, Bangkok.

100% get it direct from Ajarn Thong. On the top of the tiger canine insert with a small piece of Phra Pidta. Encased with silver hook ready-to-wear. The tiger has a profound spiritual, cultural, and ecological significance throughout most of Asia, a symbol of strength and power. Teeth from the tiger are often used to create amulets, which are said to imbue the owner with many of the renowned characteristics of this fearless beast. Ajahn Tong’s tiger canine were highly respected for the sacred power to help protect worshippers from danger, weapons and enemies, etc. Moreover they were also thought to increase a worshipper's reputation and power thereby bringing respect and authority.
Worshippers were recommended to always hang Ajahn Tong’s tiger canine before venturing outside of the home, paying respect before they left. Ajahn Tong had insert many kinds of holy ingredient inside the tiger canine to increase the sacred power then blessing and consecration with the spells/kathas such as Tri Nisinghay, Gor Yar, Luesi Lerng Ler, Napatamung. Moreover he also recited other spells during the creation including the sacred power spell “Na”, and a spell to protect worshippers from dangers.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Chao Khun Nu- Inn, Nur Petch Mai Mongkol (fossil wood), Wat Ba Phuttha MongKhun, Kalasin Province (B.E.2552).

佛年2552 木化玉昭坤奴因自身法相佛牌




那龍婆奴因為何用這塊木化石來做佛牌呢?據介紹說,龍波奴因做了一個夢,在夢裡出現崇迪及南帕亞佛牌的樣子。他於是有了用這塊古老樹化石製做佛牌的決定,並且給這塊木化石命名為“Petch Mai Mongkol”,意思是吉祥寶石木,具有最高價值像寶石一樣的木。



1. 護身力:可以在危險境遇中避免和減輕傷害,避免被下降頭和邪靈滋擾。
2. 好運: 增加好運,抵消惡運,遇到善人,遠離小人,周圍的人願意幫助配戴者,讓配戴者散發莫名吸引力,被周圍人喜歡和產生好感。
3. 財運:可以帶來增加收入的機會,增加事業和生意成功的機會。

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Takrut Maha RangNgup, Chao Khun Maha Surasak, Wat Pradoo, Samut Songkhram Province.

Rian Phra Narai Song Krut, Silver Material with Longya, Luang Phor Sawai, Wat Preedaram, Nakhon Pathom Province (B.E.2542)

Code number 38 in Thai Numerals. Featured Hand carved Yant by LP Sawai.

Effect : Increase luck tremendously every day, Wealth fetching, Good in business, Overall good luck, Metta, Family Harmony, Very good in protection from harm and danger in daily life.

Luang Phor Sawai born on Wednesday, 18th of January 2464 in the year of the Chicken at Barn LatChakkum, Ampher Bangsai in Ayutthaya. His father name Sear and his mother name Yim. His father also learned wichah ( Ancient Art ) and always performed eating glass after drinking section to show that he also have wichah Kongkhapan.

As Young Sawai watching his dad performed all the time make him very interested in learning wichah himself. When his dad passed away, Young Sawai had no place to stay and have to travel around to look for odd job to survived.

One day he came across Wat Predaram while he were travelling and make his decision to stay in Wat Predaram attendad the school in the temple till Primary 6 then he decided to become a novice monk at the temple and never leave the mookhood till the day L.P.Sawai attained Nibana.

LP Sawai started to learn wichah of Yant kongkhaopan Chathee, MahaUd, Metta Mahaniyom and also doing takrud from L.P.Phoon of Wat MaiPingKaew, after LP Sawai learned everything from LP Phoon, he went to studied under L.P.Ngern of Wat Predaram, then continue his journey to learned Sak Yant ( Ancient tattoo ), Phayant MahaYant Khumnert Narai ( famous Phayant from L.P.Sawai with many proven incidents ) under Acharn Yang ( white robe master ) in Pethburi.

Next he went to continue his study under Acharn SearYoiChuRot ( a Big Time Money Lander/Mafia ) who also expert in wichah Yant NakPhak ( draw metta oil on our forehead ) as L.P.Sawai like this wichah so much and later he used it as his Favourite Yant in most of LP amulets. After he completed he went to Luang Phor Kao at Wat SuanSom, SamutSakorn to learn wichah PitThong on NakPhak. Then to Acharn PinLotkongThan to learned wichah of making Good Paladkik as Acharn Pin is disciple to L.P.Lear Wat SaoChanNgor and L.P.Ee of Wat Sathahip. L.P.Sawai learned this art very successfully as he can use his paladkik to cut the rainbow and while he chanted in the BartNamMon filled with water, the paladkik can swim around it. many of his disciples saw LP Sawai performeed before and they know how efficious the paladkik make by L.P.Sawai.

After that L.P.Sawai continue his wichah study under Acharn ChamTaKunSoong , a disciple to L.P.Cheam of Wat Takong to learned the Traditional Medical in Herbs. then L.P.Sawai went to see PhrakPaladThot of Wat WongSear to learned Calling Back Soul of the people who died drowning in the sea or river, using bamboo to act like a fishing rod, and pull back the soul, many people saw the bamboo bend like pulling in a big fish on the rod, it performed to call back the soul and guide them back to the right place where they belong. then LP went to learned the art of making Mercury Amulets for klaewklad under L.P.PraPanKanasing.

Luang Phor Sawai love to learn wichah and studied under L.P.Ngern Wat DonYaiHom, L.P.Noi Wat Sisathong and even with L.P.Roong of Wat ThaKrabuer. Luang Phor Sawai also went Tudong around Esan area, Lopburi and Uttaradit area and at last he stayed and became the Abbot of Wat PreDaram.

WIN WIN WIN Phayant (the flag of Victory), purple color base with gold color wording, Chao Khun Thongchai, Wat Traimit Witthayaram, Bangkok (B.E.2559).

Size : 30 cm x 22 cm
WIN WIN WIN Phayant (the flag of Victory), purple color base with gold color wording, Chao Khun Thongchai, Wat Traimit Witthayaram, Bangkok (B.E.2559).

Size : 30 cm x 22 cm

Every day, the world turns to break the new day. The blessing for the day from Phraprommangkalachan (Chao Khun Thongchai) from Traimit Wittayaram Voravihan (Temple of the Golden Buddha) consists of 4 keywords.

1. Change : Adapting oneself to suit the new situations, suggesting Suffering ( Dukkha )

2. Innovation : Learning and absorbing new cultures, suggesting the Cause of Suffering ( Samudaya )

3. Idealism : Holding firm on good faith and creative thinking, suggesting the End of Suffering ( Nirodha )

4. Freedom : Liberating oneself with wisdom, suggesting the Path Leading to the End of the Suffering ( Magga )

- Phraprommangkalachan, Ed.D. ( Chao Khun Thongchai )

Can frame it and hang on the wall inside your office, shop or house. This phayant also can keep inside your bag or pouch.

Locket Wai Kru Kruba Ariyachat Ariyasato, behind is Silver laser engraved with Lersi head & Peacock Yant, Wat Sangkaew Photiyan, Chiang Rai Province (B.E.2553).

With KB Ariyachat handwritten Yant. Made limited pieces only.
No. : 78

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