Sunday, September 30, 2018

RoopLor Taowesuwan (鬼王夜叉), Nur Ngern (silver), Luang Phor Loy, Wat Tha Din Daeng, Phatthalung (B.E.2561)

Limited Made : 5 pieces

No. : 2

*With Lp Loy handwritten Yant. Come with temple box.

Taowesuwan should also be revered by businessmen and financiers, and anyone who wishes to increase his financial and material wealth. Also in times of hardship and poverty, one should revere Wesuwan, which will enable you to have enough money to pay your bills and the cost of living with without any difficulty. It is interesting to note that in the present day, Wesuwan is becoming more often revered for the material wealth aspect, than for his ability to fend of ghosts and demons, which tends to refletct society’s march towards the materialistic viewpoint, and away from the spiritual.


Luang Phor Loy, Wat Tha Din Daeng, Phatthalung.
Yasha patron saint, also known as the emperor night fork, Yasha Wang, there are dangerous, block evil, town house, security and improve the role of home adverse feng shui, you can protect the house well-being.

(Taowesuwan) is not only the defender of the incumbent, his control in addition to blocking the wild ghosts close to the good faith home, for a donor family of each person are responsible for maintenance access The responsibility of peace. In addition, Ghost King Yasha is also the restraint of feng shui days. Put him in the home hall, facing the door can be reversed some of the house feng shui of the exceptional, can be more blessing and wealth into the door.

Effect : Superb to Increase Fortune, Bring Prosperity, Wealthy accumulate, Powerful protection from black magic and dispel evil forces - ghosts - demons, Very good in protection from harm and danger.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Palakit with Salika & Tiger yant (动物牙类), Luang Phor Sawai, Wat Preedararm, Nakhon Pathom (B.E.2530-2543)


*Come with Samakom Phra Verification Card.

LP Sawai has been an expert of concentration of mindfulness in Buddhism way. Also, he successfully studies in Visha (magic) and making efficacious amulets. LP Sawai went to “Tudong” in the jungle alone at NorthEast of Thailand. Tudong is monk’s journey to gain knowledge, to build up good karma and to know the teaching of Buddha. He was well-known among amulet collectors. Many people said that LP Sawai was a monk who possessed a lot of Metta (loving-kindness) and Bahramee (power). LP Sawai was well known for making “Phra Khun Paen” amulets and others.

This Rare Palakit is made from sacred animal tooth material for very few pieces and is Superb amulet from LP Sawai. Featured Hand write sacred Yant, Tiger image, Salika images and all carved by LP Sawai himself, one by one to boost the efficacious of the Palakit. Additional with LP Sawai specific sacred Yant at bottom. During LP Sawai blessing, many devotees saw the Palakit were non-stop rotation in water bowl. LP Sawai once said, wearing his made ​​Holy amulets will be significantly changed for the better luck. 

Effect : Best for secure good fortune in business, Great money Luck, Great charms and Strong in bringing up your opposite sex attraction, Protection from bad influence and evil, Metta Mahalap, Harmproof and bring good authority.
Luang Phor Sawai, Wat Preedararm, Nakhon Pathom.

Nam Dtao Liap Sap (吸财葫芦), Nur Thong Daeng (copper), Chao Khun Maha Surasak, Wat Pradoo, Samut Songkhram (B.E.2552)

*Made during Chao Khun Maha Surasak 48 years old birthday batch. With temple code and Ck Maha Surasak's signature. Great for wealth fetching.

> 在佛牌市场上已经见少买少了。要好好珍惜先!
Chao Khun Maha Surasak, Wat Pradoo, Samut Songkhram.

Nam Dtao Liap Sap (吸财葫芦), Nur Thong Daeng (copper), Chao Khun Maha Surasak, Wat Pradoo, Samut Songkhram (B.E.2552)

*Made during Chao Khun Maha Surasak 48 years old birthday batch. With temple code, Ck Maha Surasak handwritten yant & signature. Great for wealth fetching. 

> 在佛牌市场上已经见少买少了。要好好珍惜先!
Chao Khun Maha Surasak, Wat Pradoo, Samut Songkhram.

Phra Somdej Kanean (mini size), Chao Khun Maha Surasak, Wat Pradoo, Samut Songkhram (early batch).

*听讲有参到 Phra Somdej Bang Khun Phrom 的旧料 (写错的话,提醒我一声喔)。

> With Ck Maha Surasak's signature.
Chao Khun Maha Surasak, Wat Pradoo, Samut Songkhram.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Phra Buccha Luang Pu Thuad, 3 inch lap, Nur Thong Leung (brass), Wat Pakok, Songkhla (B.E.2560)

No. available : 2402, 2403

Monks who attended the chanting ceremony included : ~ Lp Phoon (Wat Thungnaree), Luang Daeng (Wat Rai), Pt Pong (Wat Jaeng), Lp Aied (Wat Kok Yeam), Ajarn Klang Seng (Wat Khao Kut) and others.

Rian Lor, Nur Ngern (silver), Roon Maha Larp Maha Baramee, Phor Than Pong, Wat Jaeng, Phatthalung (B.E.2561)

Made : 108 pieces
No. : 99(长长久久)

with Pt Pong handwritten Yant.

*Come with temple box.

莲罗 (倒膜),纯银料,好运气好福报帮,龙婆碰,瓦郑庙,博他仑府 (佛历 : 二五六一年)




Phor Than Pong, Wat Jaeng, Phatthalung.
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Monday, September 24, 2018

Phra Chaiwat (迷你药师佛), Nur Ngern (silver), Roon Song Nam, Luang Phor Kloy, Wat Pukalthong, Phattalung (B.E.2556)

Phra Chaiwat is an ancient amulet which is important as the amulet of the King. Every King of Thailand has his own Phra Chaiwat. Phra Chaiwat is lofty and precious. People believe to worship Phra Chaiwat will bring auspiciousness, good luck, wealth, safety, healthy, prosperity and success to life of the worshipper. Phra Chaiwat can increase the power and the merit of the owner and make the wishes come true.
Luang Phor Kloy, Wat Pukalthong, Phattalung. 

Monday, September 3, 2018

Rian 9 Tok Raja, Roon Sorng (2nd batch), Nur Thong Daeng Rom Dum (Fumigated Copper), made and consecrated by Chao Khun Chan & Chan Khun Mit, Wat Uttamaram, Kelantan, Malaysia (B.E.2516).

*Come with RABPRAKAN verification card.

Luang Phor Khron (Tok Raja)
Chao Khun Mit & Chao Khun Chan

Effect : Protection from Harmproof, bad influence and evil, Metta Mahalap, Bring good fortune especially Business and Authority, Bring Prosperity, Wealthy fetching, Improve your luck and fortune. 

Tok Raja of Wat Uttamaram Pasir Mas Kelantan.

Khron Ratchanaren (known as Tok Raja) was born on Thursday December 1, BE2419 (1876). He was sent to Wat Uttamaram by his parents when he was 12 years old to learn Buddhism and Thai language. He stayed with Archan Lok who was the temple Chief Abbot at that time. Tok had showed great interest in Buddhism and became a “Dek Jom” under the supervision of Bhikkhu (monks) in the temple. Besides, he also learned crafting and construction. He once told the devotees that even from an early age, he cherished the ambition of joining the monk hood and stay in the temple to learn Buddhism unlike his other kampung (village) boys of the same age who more preferred to stay in their homes in the kampung.

Ordination (Upasombot)
Tok Raja joined monkhood (Bhikkhu) on Jun 15, 2438 (1895) when he was 21 years old. The ordination took place at Wat Uttamaram and was ordained by the following monks:

1) Phra Upatcha Palad Chai of Wat Mai Suwankhiri
2) Phra Khru Ophart Phuthakhun of Wat Chon Prachumthart and
3) Phra Athikarn Phut from Wat Bangtakwa Silaloi who became Kammavacanusavanacarn

Tok Raja was then given a Buddhist name known as Punnaksuwanno.
Seeking knowledge

After becoming a monk, he stayed at Wat Uttamatam for two phansa after that he travelled to Southern Thailand to learn Pali language and at that time is known as the big book. Tok was resided at Wat huaphom Nai in Songkhla and learn Buddhism in greater depth. He also learned “Phrakhatha vertmon” which consist of “Khamphi Mulkachai” and “Khamphi Thammadboth” in Wat Huaporm Nai as well as Vipassana Kammatharn technique in Songkhla for 15 years. In the year 2449 BE, Tok Raja was appointed Chief Abbot of the Wat for 10 years. 

Due to the fact that Tok Raja needs to be back to Malaya, he stepped down as Chief Abbot of Wat Huaporm Nai. Once back from Thailand, he became the Chief Abbot of Wat Mai Suwankhiri for 6 years before been transferred back to Wat Uttamaram and became the Chief Abbot of the Wat in year 2468 BE. He taught Vippassana meditation and ubasok ubasika Buddhaborisat to the kampung folks Buddhist fundamentals as well as Vertmon Katha to his pupils.

Positions hold by Tok Raja
1) 2470 BE (1927) – appointed by Phra Khru Ophatbudthakhoon as Phra Palas Thananukrom
2) 2476 BE (1933) – Tok Raja became Upatchaya
3) 2484 BE (1941) – appointed as Phra Khru Vicarn
4) 2488 BE (1945) – became the Chief Abbot of Kelantan State known as Phra Vicaranayanmuni

His role in the deployment of Dharma knowledge and spreading of Buddha’s teachings When Tok Raja came back from Songkhla Thailand, he stressed a lot on knowledge skill. He worked very hard in order to expand the knowledge skills to devotees in Kelantan but did not meet his expectation since the Society at that time did not realise the importance of education and as such, was unable to achieve his mission to the fullness.

In early year of BE2491 (1948), Thai Buddhism has spread out of the country especially to the neighbouring country like Malaya.Malaysia was formerly known as Malaya. In that year, the first Naktham school was established in the Kedah state of Malaya. Tok has waited for the opportunity to open up such school for long time and has establish the same Naktham school in the year BE2492 and the first school was established in Wat Uttamaram Bangsek itself.

It was a resounding success in establishing these schools and Tok Raja later handed over the management of the school to Phra Maha Chan Kesaro who possessed “Parian Tham 6 Prakyok” as a teacher master. Even though there was a shortage in teaching resources, there was a huge demand from monks all over Kelantan to study at Wat Uttamaram to seek knowledge and learn Naktham where the expenses incurred were manageable. It was not easy to go to Wat Uttamaram at that time where it took hours to reach by walking through the jungle. Such obstacles did not prevent these pupil monks from reaching the Wat and in the same year as it was established, the first Naktham examination was held at Wat Uttamaram in Kelantan.

The Miracles of Tok Raja (The Sacred Tongkat)
Tok Raja spent his non-meditation hours in research into ancient and forgotten manuscripts which revealed ceremonies and prayers for every occasion. He made searching enquiries into information gleaned from his readings. He never considered unlikely or as far-fetched the stories he had read or heard of how and where priceless documents had been hidden in times of peril. He explored caves which others fear to enter and seldom found his mission unfruitful. From these ancient writings he copied the prayers and chants which are the weapons he uses in his self-imposed war against Black Magic. He tried the effect of these prayers upon himself when sick, and at all times opportunity offered itself to test his Faith & Power. One day, a novice brought to him a very aged document which he knew was something precious as it has been zealously guarded heirloom. He found that the documents described how a sacred tongkat (wand) should be constructed and the ingredients that went into its making. The tongkat was too powerful for the novice who made no use of it. On his death-bed, the novice gifted the tongkat to Tok Raja. Since then, it has never been out of his sight for a fleeting moment. He carried it with him wherever he goes and when asleep, it rests beside him. He has put the tongkat to good use in effecting cures both physical and mental. No ordinary man can touch the tongkat without feeling its Power. He has attained so high a standard of perfection and he was no mere mortal. By a few seconds of association with someone, or at a glance, he can say if the person seeking his help is clean in heart, a genuine sufferer or a fake if he has come to him convinced that only prayer can save life.

Tok Raja had never refuse aid and preached Dharma to those fake instead. He won more and more followers to his philosophy of life. News spread widely from devotees and even strangers about the wonders he had performed for them. He certainly was a modern Miracle Worker who convinces you of the unbelievable stories from the recovery of a dying man to saving from been possessed of evil spirit and even non Buddhist experience similar wonders in resolving their problems.

Donations poured in to the temple from all corners of Malaya (including Singapore) and with adequate funds, Tok was able to built the Kelantan first Naktham school in Wat Uttamaram (2nd School in Malaya after Kedah) and constructed Ubosoth (Both) and Kutis surrounding the temple.

Tok Raja’s Last Days
Tok Raja enjoyed good health and always fresh and active even at the age of over eighty years old. His health only started to deteriote from July 2505BE (1962) onwards. Tok’s health was deteriorating significantly after his trip to Singapore. The bad news about his health was spread like wild fire and many people from all over Malaya (Malaysia) came to visit him, including the Royal Highness The Sultan of Kelantan. Due to old age, Tok Raja passed away on November 19, 2505BE (1962), 15 days before the conferment of “Chao Khoon” title bestowed to him by the King of Thailand, his Highness King Phumibol Adulyadeth where Tok Raja was invited to be present at the King Palace in Bangkok on December 5, 2505BE (1962).

(The biography of Tok Raja is from others website. Just used for reference.) 

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