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Phra Upakut, Nur Ngern (silver), Kruba Ariyachart, Wat Sangkeow Photiyan, Chiang Rai (B.E.2553)

Phra Upakut was a Monk in the times of Maharaja Asoka the Indian king who first promoted Buddhism. In this time Buddhism was experiencing a lot of disarray and downfall because a lot of false people were entering Monkhood just to make money or eat free.

As a result the local people did not have much faith and were losing their faith in Buddhism. King Asoka (we call Asoka in Thai) was then calling upon the monks to do something - they had a committee meeting and it came about that some monks knew of a monk called Phra Upakut who was sat in the "belly button of the Ocean" (Sander Tale), meditating and entering Nirodha and Samaddti state of meditation (enlightened and free from suffering).It wold have been so difficult to find a monk whose practice and purity was higher than this one - so they decided to elect him to be the leader of the Sangha in order to save Buddhism.
2 kinds of worshipping reasons
One reason is that he is a subdue of Mara demons and thus protects you from danger. Second reason is that he is a keeper of purity precepts whilst sitting in the middle of the water - this means he will prevent you from having any heated feelings or things that cause you to be disturbed, angry frustrated or unhappy..all these things are "hot" feelings.. the water around this Buddha, and his purity will keep you and your household cool and peaceful instead of hot and bothered. No heated disturbances in the household and family.

Pra Upakut is severely revered also in Chiang Mai province and most amulets and statues of him will be made there. This is probably the Burmese influence too because in past times Burma was always overlapping into the province and even to this day you can see that the monks in North Thailand wear red robes like in Burma not yellow like in the rest of Thailand.

The reason he is called Bua Khem is because khem (needles ) was used to refer to the Buddha Arahant relics used to implant in this statue (in original large statues of him) where 9 needles or relics were inserted into his forehead (1) shoulders (2) hips (2) Hands (2) and Knees (2)

Worship Phra Upakut:
Healthy, happiness, calm, peace etc all what you wish for. Great for wealth in place of business.

Phra Upakut Katha:
Namo Tassa (X3)
Upakuto Ja Mahathero
Upakuttang Ja Mahatherang
Panthawero Panthanu Pawena
Imang Gaya Panthanang Atit Thami (X9)