Friday, May 25, 2018

Mitmor Leknampi (带有蓝色的刀锋), Kruba Ariyachart Ariyasato, Wat Sangkeow Photiyan, Chiang Rai (B.E.255x).

*With Kb Ariyachart handwritten Yant.

Powerful : Mitmor is great of protect a worshiper from danger, bad things, black magic, get wealth and prevent gossip. On the other hand, there is great power about making a worshiper to be more charming too. Kruba Aliyachart making this Mitmor is for chop the ''root of poor''. Most of the people around Wat Sangkaew Photiyan temple that area are farmer. They used to have a very hard daily life. So people even died while during cold days. Coz they can't even able to just bought a thicker blanket for their own self. Many of them are not that rich. Kruba hope that worshiper that having this Mitmor can having a more easy life and do not worry about their daily income. He hope that people who carry this Mitmor can be smooth in doing any things. Beside that, this powerful Mitmor also can use can ''chop the gossip''. To prevent people that talking gossip around us.