Friday, March 10, 2017

Hanuman (常胜猴王), Nur Mai Payoon, Luang Phor Lae, Wat Prasoong, Phetchaburi (B.E.2539).

Wood Crafted
Height approximate 3.8 cm. Bottom handcrated Yant by LP Lae. 

LP Lae Hanuman very famous among collectors.

This amulet great for Lucky and protect the owner from the danger and bad spiritual. Also bring Business get to attract more customer or bring owner have fascinate from the peoples, and make employee more obedience to the boss (Authority). The image of the Hanuman can help the wearer Victories in all obstacles and aspects of life. It also extremely good for Maha Larp (Great Fortune), Great charismatic power feared by others, being in authority (Maha Amnaj) and free from all harms (Klaew Klaad).