Friday, March 24, 2017

Bia Gae (挡降贝), Mini Size, Luang Pu Cher, Wat Klang Bang Kaew, Nakhon Pathom.

Size : 1.5cm (width) x 2.3cm (height)
The magic science to create Bia Gae amulets was known and inherited from the Ayuttaya Period or at least 400-500 years ago and many believe that the tradition is older than that.

Bia Gae (Cowrie/Cowry/Seashell, commonly filled with mercury and takrut) is a special kind of amulet which is widely use to avoid and protect from Black Magic, Evil Forces, Ghosts and Spirits.

Cowrie or Cowry shell is a very beautiful shiny tropical sea shell, it is humped back sometimes decorated with spots like a leopard skin. During ancient time in China, South East Asia and Africa, it was commonly used as coin or money. The Thai people called it Bia Gae and used it instead as a talisman for protection. The arched back of cowrie is like a shield and therefore it is believe that it could bounce off evil energy, similar to tortoise shell was employed by Feng Shui master in China for warding off bad energy. Mercury was also filled inside the cowrie, takrut then placed at the gap of the cowrie, and sealed tightly with special ingredients preventing it from leakage. Sometimes, it will be tied around with strings and painted with lacquer.

The wearer believes that he will be protected against: black magic, bad luck, evil forces and demons. Bia Gae are known to be effective for protection and in particular from evil influences and malevolent spirits. It is not uncommon for persons on their death bed to request such an amulet as protection from spirits that will endlessly disturb and torture the dying. It is said by some that such amulets will also help to set the soul free and give protection beyond the grave,ensuring a smooth passage into the next life.

龍普哲制作挡降贝此圣物为挡降贝,挡降贝传说是泰国神秘的挡降头法术、避险的法宝,得道高僧所督造的挡降贝,据说不仅可开运、避邪、制煞、挡降头 , 让他人无法对佩带者下咒、不受鬼魂干扰

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