Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kongkrapan Tangkai (8 cm) from Arjarn Nong, Wat Thai Pradit Tharam (Sai Bun Tur), Padang Sanai, Kedah, Malaysia (B.E.2552)

A lot of people when to Arjarn Nong Temple to let him blessing for safety, get wealth, good in business and good luck (财源广进,出入平安,生意兴隆,补运). Although Arjarn Nong very young but he was very famous with his Kongkrapan Tangkai. Arjarn Nong was very patient to made every tangkai and blessing in very detail and long time before given to devotes. That why Kongkrapan Tangkai that made by Arjarn Nong is very famous for safety and protection from danger. Arjarn Nong personally handwrite the Kongrapan Yant inside the tangkai and outside as well. This tangkai have stick with the gold leaf too. This tangkai was chanted with Kongkrapan (Body Protection), Maha Utt (Arms Protection), Protect Animal and Insect, Protect from Evil Spirits and Illness charms.

This is the official website ( from Wat Thai Pradit Tharam (Padang Sanai). You guys can have a look on the events that having in this temple or do some charity donation for this temple as well. Thanks. Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu.

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What is Takrut/Tangkai ?

Takrut is a roll talisman sheet, sacred mantras, diagrams, pictures or magical words that were inscribed on a piece of metal ... like gold, silver and Tin (pronouced as Takua/ TaGua in Thai), palm leaf, wood, ivory, tiger skin, bone or other uncommon material.and usually Malaysian named it as "TangKai" (in Malay language). That blessed by Monks/Arjarn/Lersi.