Thursday, February 26, 2009

Phor Than Klai (herbs), Wat Suan Kan, Nakhon Sri Thamarat (B.E.2505)

Luang Phor Klai (Phor Than Klai) is one of the respectable monk and famous southern monk. It was rumoured that whatever he said or predicted, often came true, and that is why he was given the title "Golden Mouth" by many.

When Luang Phor Klai was 14 years old, he went with his uncle to chop firewood and the tree he was chopping fell towards him and squashed his left leg. Luang Phor Klai though it was nothing much just a small injury and did not seek for medical attention, but eventually it become worse and worse. His left ankle was shattered upon inspection, it swelled till very big, started going gangrenous and the pain was unbearable couldn't be cured.

One day when Luang Phor Klai couldn't bear the pain any more, he took a sharp knife and chopped of the swollen ankle region. When someone found out he did that, they were shocked and immediately went to find herbs to help him to stop bleeding and found a medicinal healer to cure him.

Eventually Luang Phor Klai had trouble getting around and usually moved around on water buffalo. After Luang Phor Klai become less mobile due to this, he ordained at the age of 15 and by the age of 26 he become the temple abbot.

Luang Phor Klai was born in 1876 and passed away in 1970 (B.E. 2513) at the age of 94 years old and his body is still intact and present for viewing at Wat Tatt Noi (Wat Chan Di).

During that time, Luang Phor Klai become one of the very respectful monks by the Thai King. A lot of mystery things happen on Luang Phor Klai and when he past away, they try to burn his body but no one else can burn it although they try a few times. The final time, Thai King himself try to burn it but unfortunately only can burn one of his toe.

Around 60 years ago, Luang Phor Klai had made a batch of Jatukam amulets. LP have two students. Both of them had become Ajarn. One of the students is Ajarn Khun Pan. The saiz of the Jatukam amulet is more bigger than now a day. And the price of those Jatukam amulet already very expensive. The out look of the Jatukam amulet is not as nice as now. The amulet that made by Luang Phor Klai is very collectable. Luang Phor Klai is one of the high rank monks and become one of the respectful monks in the Thailand.

Story behind Phor Than Klai

When people in West Malaysia heard of the legend of the "Golden Mouth" monk, a lot of people went Thailand and looking for Luang Phor Klai to ask for lottery numbers but eventually
Luang Phor Klai shook his head and did not say anything. Someone found a way around it, instead of asking for a number the man show Luang Phor a number and asked whether it was nice. Luang Phor Klai replied that it was not bad and the man bought lottery and strike a lot of money.

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