Sunday, August 12, 2018

RoopLor Taowesuwan, Nur Thong Leung, Luang Phor Loy, Wat Tha Din Daeng, Phatthalung (B.E.2561)

No. : 213

*Come with temple box.
Luang Phor Loy, Wat Tha Din Daeng, Phatthalung.

Taowesuwan should also be revered by businessmen and financiers, and anyone who wishes to increase his financial and material wealth. Also in times of hardship and poverty, one should revere Wesuwan, which will enable you to have enough money to pay your bills and the cost of living with without any difficulty. It is interesting to note that in the present day, Wesuwan is becoming more often revered for the material wealth aspect, than for his ability to fend of ghosts and demons, which tends to refletct society’s march towards the materialistic viewpoint, and away from the spiritual.



Yasha patron saint, also known as the emperor night fork, Yasha Wang, there are dangerous, block evil, town house, security and improve the role of home adverse feng shui, you can protect the house well-being.

(Taowesuwan) is not only the defender of the incumbent, his control in addition to blocking the wild ghosts close to the good faith home, for a donor family of each person are responsible for maintenance access The responsibility of peace. In addition, Ghost King Yasha is also the restraint of feng shui days. Put him in the home hall, facing the door can be reversed some of the house feng shui of the exceptional, can be more blessing and wealth into the door.

Effect : Superb to Increase Fortune, Bring Prosperity, Wealthy accumulate, Powerful protection from black magic and dispel evil forces - ghosts - demons, Very good in protection from harm and danger.