Monday, June 4, 2018

RoopLor Kwai Thanoo (buffalo), Nur Ngern (silver), Roon Chanpen Maha MongKhoon, Luang Phor Kloy, Wat Pukalthong, Phattalung (B.E.2557)

No. : 6
Made : 77 pieces

*Pra Maha Surasak help to design the yantra on the whole body of the buffalo.

There is belief that Wua Thanoo/Kwai Thanoo has Buddhist power to protect the worshipper from all evils, every black magic that your enemy might use to hurt you. If you have Wua Thanoo or Kwai Thanoo in your house or keep it with you, Wua Thanoo/Kwai Thanoo will fight and prevent all these evil things from harming you and your family. Even when some thefts or harmful person try to sneak into your house, Wua Thanoo/Kwai Thanoo will intercept and drive them out. People usually keep this sacred object as guardian ghost to protect their life and property. Also, it can protect you from many other harm, such as, fire, lighting, subdue all bully persons, brought you wealth, fortune, merit and luck. Make your life more rich and plentiful.

Monks who attend for the ceremony. Aj Klang Seng, Aj Utai, LP Maha Wutai, LP Phrom, LP Pong, LP Eaum, LP Karp, Aj Plien, LP Maha Surasak & LP Kloy.