Thursday, April 12, 2018

No.1 Phra Rahu of Southern Thailand, Nur Loha Pasom, made by Ajarn Si Ngern & Ajarn Prajuab, Wat Donsala, Phatthalung Province (B.E.2538).

*This Rahu was made and consecrate during solar eclipse. One of the BEST Rahu that ever made.

*Mixed with a lots of old rians and takruts from Geji Ajarn of Wat Khao Or lineage.

Effect : Good Luck, Get rid of Bad Luck, Prevent Backstabber, Transform Negative Energy, Successful in everything you do, attract good opportunity to you, good business, good wealth luck.

功效:好运, 增人缘, 避小人, 增强事业运。
Come with Thaprachan verification card. 100% genuine or else money back guarantee. To make sure that friends and customers "rent" or "chao" with confident.

Ajarn Si Ngern, Wat Donsala, Phatthalung.
Ajahn Prajuab (from Wat Khao Or lineage).