Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Hoonpayong (魂魄勇) 2nd Batch, Copper Material, Luang Phor Kloy, Wat PhuKhaoThong, Phatthalung Province (B.E.2551).

No. : 805
*Come with waterproof acrylic casing.

Hoon Payon help the owner in Business or career, Bodyguard-High Protection from evil - black magic, Attract important people of higher power, Bring great auspicious, Look after the house or car.

LP Kloy is the abbot of Wat PhuKhaoThong, Phatthalung Province. He was born in Phatthalung on 9th February 1929. He was was ordained as a monk on 1st March 1950 at Wat KuanBunTaRarm at the age of 19. He is famous in making Hoon Payon amulets.

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