Sunday, September 24, 2017

Kruba Chaiyaphattaphee, Nur Kesorn (花粉料), Wat Dong Rong Kaew, Chiang Mai (B.E.2560).

Kruba Chaiya of Wat Dong Rong Kaew is one of youngest great monk in Chang Mai province who is only 26 years old this year. He was born in 15th March Be 2534 was a novice monk who practice Buddhism and magical practice at the age of 13 under the guidance of Maha Supan, Abbot of Wat Hua Song and ordained as a monk at the age of 20. At the age of 16, while he was learning Buddhism and magical practice under Maha Supan, he managed to encounter a great guru who is Kruba Boon Chu.

Maha Supan strongly recommended Kruba Chaiya to study under Kubra Boon Chu as he know that Kruba Chaiya has great talents. Kruba Boon Chu decided to take in Kruba Chaiya as his disciple and guided Kruba Chaiya in Meditation, Buddhism and magical practice. After studying under Kruba Boon Chu for 2 years, Kruba Chaiya was sent to another temple where that is another great monk resided in, which is Wat Nam Pew.

The Abbot of Wat Nam Pew is Kruba Indra who is one of the well known monks who is top few monk in meditation and magic practice among the Northern Thailand. Kruba Indra was 101 year old when he first encountered and take in Kruba Chaiya as one of his disciples. Kruba Chaiya got his ordination name from Kruba Indra before Kruba Indra passed away at the age of 102.

At the age of 20, Kruba Chaiya ordained as a monk under Maha Supan as his preceptor and was given the title of Phra Chaiya Pataphi. Due to many miracle incident happened that believers encountered from Kruba Chaiya, more and more believers started to seek blessing from Kruba Chaiya. During Be 2555, a rich merchant who is a believer of Kruba Chaiya brought a piece of land and invited 108 top monks from northern part of Thailand to built a temple for Kruba Chaiya to reside in. This temple was named Wat Dong Rong Kaew.

-Incident I
The parents of the monk will always kept their child's first hair that was shaven as a monk and kept in a transparent container to place it at the Altar. The mother of Kruba Chaiya discovered that Kruba Chaiya hair sticks together and crystallize stones can be seem around it. After this news spreads around, believers started to gather whether Kruba Chaiya shaving his hair to gather it and place his hair in a small bag to keep inside their wallets. Many believers encounter good feedback and this drew more and more believers to gather together.