Monday, June 19, 2017

Prai Hoon Payong, Phim Lek (small mould), Luang Pu Chang, Wat Ngaung Yai Mow, Nakhon Ratchasima Province (B.E.2550).

Size : 2.5cm (length) x 0.9cm (width) x 3cm (height) 

Luang Pu Chang Ganatasilo of Wat Ngaung Yai Mow, Nakhon Ratchasima province is a guru monk who is well known for consecrating Hoon Payong amulets. Luang Pu Chang has a deep knowledge of Wicha (magic) which he acquired whilst studying in Cambodia and from his father who was also known to possess knowledge of Metta Wicha.

This Prai Hoon Payong amulet is made from "Benja Guman" powder, known to protect from evil, black magic and other inauspicious things. The amulet is made up of many other scared components such as

1. Soil from seven graveyards
2. Soil from seven old temples
3. Soil from seven salt licks
4. Soil from seven auspicious sites around Thailand

Apart from the sacred materials used, his Hoon Payong amulets have also passed through a special Black Magic ceremony to transfer the power of four spirits (earth, water, wind and fire) and the 32 aspects of a human being into them. Thais believe that all men possess 32 aspects which when combined produce the perfect human.

The Hoon Payong amulet was consecrated in year 2007 (B.E.2550) by Luang Pu Chang himself. He blessed the amulet for over a month from midnight to dawn at the temples cemetery. The amulet was finally tied with sacred thread, whilst reciting the Khunta 54 spell ceremony to demand that spirits haunt the Hoon Payong idol amulet to further increase the power. It is believed that Hoon Payong amulets protect worshippers and their property from all dangers. In addition they can attract good fortune.


Cheti Ei-kung Na-ma Payong Niso Sa-a Na-ma-tae.

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