Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hoon Payong Maha MongKol 9, Roon Raek (1st batch), Ajarn Prasoot, Wat Nai Tao, Trang (B.E.2547).

Name : Hoon Payong Maha MongKol 9 that means he can help the owner to get 9 things.

1. Help in business or career.
2. High Protection.
3. Enhances human relationships.
4. Attract important people of higher power.
5. Bring great auspicious.
6. Look after the house or car.
7. Ask him to do something (lawful).
8. This Hoon Payong can do every things like Guman Thong.
9. He can have misfortunes in place the owner.

From : Ajarn Prasoot , Wat Nai Tao, Trang Province.

Bronze Color
Material : Holy Metal

Size : 1.5 cm x 3.2 cm

Year : B.E.2547 (2004)

Purpose for making : This amulet has been made for raise fund to developing the temple.

Ceremony : Ajarn Prasoot has been studied the art of making efficacious Hoon Payong amulets from Wat Khao Or, Phatthalung Province.  Ajarn Prasoot blessed this batch of amulets in Wat Tham Phut Tha Kossi cave of Wat Nai Tow. It is a holy place where made amulet very strong.

Powerful : People believed that Ajarn Prasoot‘s Hoon Payong is especially powerful to help the owner.

Feature of this amulet : This amulet presents tiny Guman Thong image tied with hair of dead body & temple code.
Ajarn Prasoot, Wat Nai Tao, Trang.
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