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Rian Phra Phrom KaoLamTak (diamond shape), Nah Yai (big face), Nur Ngern (silver material), Luang Pu Sie, Wat Sakae, Ayutthaya (B.E.2523).

With LP Sie handwritten Yant on behind. Made : 400 pieces
Phra Phrom or Phrom Si Nah = four-faced Phrom (Si = 4, Nah = face) 

Chinese Buddhists populary call HIM four-faced Buddha (四面佛) — Si Mian Fo in Mandarin / Sie Ming Hook in Teochew.  

Phrom Si Nah is popularly called by Thais as Thao Maha Phrom — HE is the same one that placing in front of Erawan Hotel, Ratchaprasong Square, Bangkok. 

Thao Maha Phrom is also highly respected by Chinese Buddhists in many countries:- such as Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, etc.

They fly to Thailand to worship Thao Maha Phrom at Erawan Shrine, Bangkok to request for prosperity, flourish business, success in life and career, illness recovery, long-life living, academic examination, family harmony, love life, etc. Their requests have been well responded as intended. 

There are many Thao Maha Phrom shrines in Hong Kong and over a hundred locations in Taiwan alone.

Thao Maha Phrom has 4 faces and 8 arms — 7 arms except 1 holding holy objects. Thao Maha Phrom (Brahma) is one of the Great Trimurti comprising:-

Brahma — the creator
Vishnu — the maintainer or preserver 
Shiva — the destroyer or transformer

(Brahma — Thao Maha Phrom in Thai. )

Hindu or neo-Brahma has 4 arms, but Thai version — Thao Maha Phrom has 8 arms.  

Thao Maha Phrom is a benevolent God — by Thai belief, HE creates everything in the universe and loves everyone. HE is the creator and fate maker or controller. You can beg from HIM for wealth, career or business success, happiness and life

One short but so efficacious Katha for Thao Maha Phrom is as follows:-


Thai Buddhists also highly respect some Brahman gods including Thao Maha Phrom — just because Buddhism was developed from Brahmanism which is well blended into people's way of life from birth to death. Apart from that, lots of practical religious ceremonies related to Brahmanism including amulet consecrations of which partially related to. 

Luang Phor Klaan, Wat Prayat (Ayutthaya). 
The greatest school of the country for Phrom Si Nah or Thao Maha Phrom creation is Wat Sakae, Ayuthaya. A top famous master for this is Archan Heng Praiwan, a senior disciple of LP Klaan, Wat Prayat, Ayutthaya — who was a top monk master of the country in pre-war period.Archan Heng Praiwan (B.E.2428 - 2502) who was also ordained by Luang Phor Klaan of Wat Prayat (Ayutthaya) was the one who had found the manual of creating Phrom Si Nah amulets from an ancient temple in Ayutthaya province named Wat Pradoo Song Dharm. This manual of creating Phrom Si Nah amulet was then shared with Luang Pu See.
Archan Heng Praiwan
In Buddhistic decade 2480s, It is Archan Heng who brilliantly designed 3-dimensioned, four-faced Phrom on the 2-dimensioned platform. Archan Heng's Phrom Si Nah design has become the prototype that present-period monk masters popularly follow.  

LP Sie and Archan Heng had the same teacher — LP Klaan. LP Sie was junior to Archan Heng, and later learned Phrom Si Nah creation with Archan Heng.

  Phrom Si Nah that created by Archan Heng is the most expensive Phra Phrom amulets in Thailand now and Luang Pu See of Wat Sakae was the only monk whom he had requested to bless the amulets. In fact, most of the Archan Heng's Phrom Si Nah amulets bear the handwritten Yant (scripture) of Luang Pu See.
Luang Pu Sie, Wat Sakae (Ayutthaya).
LP Sie was the important helper of Archan Heng in making amulets since B.E.2480. After Archan Heng passed away in B.E.2503, LP Sie sat his place for Phrom Si Nah and other amulets creation. LP Sie's Phrom Si Nahs have same highly efficacious as of Archan Heng's.

If you looks carefully on the amulets created by Luang Pu See, you would noticed that the Yant on the earlier batch of the Phra Phrom were more neatly written as compared to those made in the later batch. This is because of Luang Pu See's eyesight had deteriorated when he was old.

Many famous LP Sie's amulets are of Brahma gods such as Phrom Si Nah, Hanuman, Phra Pikanet (Ganesh), etc. LP Sie's Phrom Si Nah has great properties for wealth, prosperity, Metta, career progress, business success, and life protection. 

Luang Pu See of Wat Sakae passed away peacefully at the age of 88 in 30th January B.E.2526.

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