Sunday, February 19, 2017

Phra Greeb-bua, Ajahn Parn, Wat Khao Or and Ajahn Nam, Wat Donsala, Phim Yai, Phatthalung Province (B.E.2511).

Effect : Kongkrapan Chatri (invulnerable), Kaew Klaad (prevent from mis-perhaps), change bad luck to good luck, boost up your luck when you're down.

As we all know Wat Khao Or located at Phatthalung Province has a history of producing many famous monk. It's been build since the era of King Pra Jao Yoo Hua Bor Rom Khot in between B.E.2275 to B.E.2301 of Ayutthaya Kingdom.

In those times many people send their child to study Wiccha (magic) at Samnak Khao or. Holy scriptures of Wat Khao Or incantations branch out thru out Thailand. Student of Samnak Khao Or often have go thru all the important task given. For example : Ceremony of bath in herbs & medicine to give magical power of invulnerable, Ceremony of cooking sticky rice to be eaten & Ceremony of making blend of herbs to be consume also gives the power of invulnerable.

The father of Wat Khao Or, Pra Kru Wijaan Na Chat Tan Banpot which is Ajahn Thong Tao. Important lineage of Pra Ajahn Thong Tao are Pra Ajahn Parn , Pra Ajahn Aied, Pra Ajahn Dit, Pra Ajahn Nam, Pra Ajahn Kong, Pra Ajahn Si-Ngern.

Ajahn Aied was the abbot of Wat Donsala created Phra Pidta Haa Yant Khao Or. Ajahn Aied was send to study in Wat Khao Or by his parents on 22nd February B.E.2425 and at B.E. 2447 go into monkhood. He learned from Ajahn Thong Tao and succeed. After that abbot of Wat Donsala Pra Ajahn Gliang passed away. Villager in the area invited Pra Ajahn Aied to leave Ajahn Thong Tao to take up the abbot position in Wat Donsala.
On B.E.2483 Pra Ajahn Aied created his Phra Pidta Haa Yant by using carve candle and cover it to form a mold. The mixture for make the Phra Pidta consists of lead, tin & molten silver. The process of making the mixtures include sheets of pean loha or so call metals sheets to be inscribed with holy yant then melted together with the 3 main material according to the formula of Samnak Khao Or. Quantity made about 1000 pieces for this version of Phra Pidta. After that Ajahn Aied chanted it together with Pra Ajahn from his sect for 2 weeks before distributing it to lay persons and soldier going to the Indochina War.
Ajahn Parn, Wat Khao Or, Phatthalung Province.
After Pra Ajahn Thong Tao passed away, Pra Ajahn Parn who is also student of Pra Ajahn Thong Tao took the position as abbot of Wat Khao Or. Ajahn Parn once rip off a piece of cloth that is use to clean the foot whoever is entering the monks guti or monk house and in a few second he went to in samadhi (meditation) and then chanted the cloth. Ajahn Parn then ask the disciple to burn the cloth and watch. As soon as the disciple ignite the a light and put the thin strip of cloth on the fire and did not burn no matter how many times he tried. There is also one more account that jeevorn or monks robe was hang up and test shooting at it & the bullets falls right in front of the jeevorn.

Pra Ajahn Parn created his Phra Pidta since B.E.2490. Ajahn Parn made his Phra Pidta on his free time & when there is material. Each time made in small quantity then consecrate and distribute out, his Phra Pidta made continuously till Ajahn Parn passed away.
Ajahn Nam, Wat Donsala, Phatthalung Province.