Sunday, August 21, 2016

Rian Jeronporn, Phim Kamakan, Nur Chanuan, Kruba Noi, Wat Sridonmoon A.Sarapee, Chiang Mai Province (B.E.2559)

Kruba Noi personally Jant special Yant on the front & back. 
No. : 71
Made : 99 pcs

All Rian Jeronporn (Phim Kamakan) was soak inside the holy water (che-nam-moon) during the consecration and chanting ceremony. This piece is mixed with all those old takruts from Kruba Noi.

Come with new waterproof plastic casing and temple box.

Effect : Prosperity, Wealthy fetching, Bring Good Protection and Peace, Improve to strong business luck, boost your career and business, Protection from harm and danger, Deflect away black magic and bad luck.