Saturday, August 13, 2016

Rian Ajarn Khun Pan Holding Sword (Parang) & Jatukam Ramathep & Rahu, Nur Ngern (B.E. 2550)

This batch of Jatukam is created by Ajarn Khun Pan's son (Kon Lek) for the memory of late Ajarn Khun Pan. Blessed by Top Monks in 4 Grand Ceremony by conducted final blessing at Wat Mahathat in year B.E.2550. 

This Rian made from sacred Silver materials with mixed Holy Yant sheets, Metal in Chedi and Metal of Ajarn Khun Pan's Sword. Featured stunning images of Ajarn Khun Pan Holding Sword, Jatukam Ramathep, Phra Rahu and sacred Yant around the Rian at both side. Additional have code at side. Some people call this batch as Parang batch. 

Ajarn Khun Pan had gained high respect when he was police general. A very worth collectible especially for Ajarn Khun Pan's follower.

Effect : Prevent backstabber & gossip, Protection from harm and danger, Smooth in Sales and Great Fortune, earn good opportunity and successful in everything that you do, grants wishes and help you achieve your goal. Overcome all obstacles in life.