Friday, May 13, 2016

Rian 7 Rob Sema, PaChaLuk (3 layers), Nur Nawak Phiset with Silver Mask, LP Eaum, Wat SuanPa Taling Chan, Phattalung (B.E.2558) - more thicker

No. : 37
Made Limited : 42 pieces
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龙婆恩七轮盾形自身牌,瓦顺吧达玲赞,八打隆 (佛年 : 二五五八)-比较厚
原料 :吧查露(三层) 特别九宝铜盖银面
号码 :三十七
限量制造 :四十二粒

(Rian Sang Kutti) - This batch of Rian 7 Rob Sema LP Eaum is raise fund to made monk kutti. 这批龙婆恩七轮盾形自身牌是为庙筹款轻建和尚所休息的房间。

These are the famous geji ajahn Rian and Takrut that melt in as chanuan for mixing in Rian 7 Rob Sema Phor Than Eaum to make Rian Nur Chanuan and Nawak. 

这些都是著名师父阿姜所制造的铜牌和塔古将会融化成为旧料放入混合龙普恩 Rian 7 Rob Sema 里头做旧料铜牌和九包铜铜牌。

Thanks for people who support us. This amulet has been rented.