Monday, May 30, 2016

Preorder : Takrut Tone Roon Sitti Normo made by Ajarn Plien, Wat Khao Or, Phatthalung (B.E.2559)

This Takrut Tone Roon Sitti Normo will be launch on this coming July.
Size : Length 5 inch

100% handwriting Yant by Ajarn Plien himself. Ajarn Plien is the student of late Ajarn Parn from the Khao Or lineage. This batch of takrut is made from Wat Khao Or. Monks from Wat Khao Or lineage in the current era will be invited to attend for the phuttha phisek. The main purpose for making this batch of takruts is to raise fund for temple maintenance fees.

Thanks for people who support us. This item has been rented out.