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Takrut Look Puen (bullet shell takrut), Phim Lek (small size), Phor Than Soon, Wat Ban Larn Kwai, Pattani (B.E.2556)


Popular Superb Takrut Look Puen, small size

Year: B.E.2556 (C.E. 2013)

Material: Made by bullet case

Size: 0.5 cm x 3.1 cm

Amount: 9,999 items

Present: For superb power, these are details of Takrut Look Puen:

1. It is made of a used bullet case.
2. There is a rolled metal sheet inscribed with a magical script by Phor Than Soon in a bullet case.
3. There is holy powder in a bullet case.

Power: This Takrut Look Puen’s powers include protection, ascendancy and being invulnerable. Whoever carries Takrut Look Puen by LP Soon will have more ascendancy, be protected and safe from danger, weapons, enemies, bad power, etc.

**Note: LP Soon says Takrut protects a good man not a bad man.
Phor Than Soon, Wat Ban Larn Kwai (Pattani)

Luang Phor Soon (often called “Phor Than Soon”) is a senior guru monk and an abbot of Wat Ban Larn Kwai (formal name: Wat MahingSuwanNimit), Pattani Province. LP Soon is a good monk whom people in the South both Buddhists and Muslims respect because he is well-behaved, simple and humble. 

LP Soon was born on 6 June B.E.2469 (C.E. 1926) in Pattani Province. He got ordained on 3 May B.E.2529 (C.E. 1986) at Wat Ban Lan Kwai, Pattani Province. After ordination, people invited him to be an abbot of Wat Plak Prue, Pattani Province. LP Soon developed Wat Plak Prue in many ways and it became prosperous. 

At Wat Plak Prue, LP Soon devoted his attention to studying dharma, practicing meditation, chanting and studying magical script (Yant) and magic. In fact, LP Soon was interested in magic when he was a child. He learnt magic from his father who was a skilled guru master whom nearby people trusted. In B.E.2546 (C.E. 2003), LP Soon moved to Wat Ban Larn Kwai and has been here until now. 

LP Soon progressed in monkhood. Lately, in 2012, LP Soon got a promotion. In addition, amulets by LP Soon are accepted and popular for example: Takrut Look Puen (Takrut made of a bullet case) that is very protective.

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