Sunday, March 18, 2018

Tokmoo Luang Phor Vaen Gai, Nur Phong, Wat Ruak Bang See Thong, Nonthaburi.

*with three silver takruts and hairs.

Luang Phor Vaen Gai, Wat Ruak Bang See Thong, Nonthaburi Province.

Luang Phor Gai also formally called as Luang Phor Vaen Gai is a Cambodian monk from Wat UmPen in Cambodia. He is very knowledge in Wiccha (magical sciences) and exorcism. LP Gai had studied the art of making efficacious amulets from many Archans in Cambodia. Asian devotees like in Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong highly respected such a monk who can make amulets that are very famous in fetching wealth and protection for the owner of such holy amulets. LP Gai is well-known among amulet collectors in this part of the region. He often visit Thailand.

LP Gai is a highly respected monk in Cambodia and many provinces in Thailand nearby Cambodia's border. LP Gai was born in B.E.2475 (A.D.1932). His father was a well-known Cambodian archan specializing in all aspects of Cambodians Vedas. But his father is not a Buddhist monk. Instead LP Gai entered priesthood when he was very young.

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