Monday, May 15, 2017

Luang Pu Thuad Roon Raek (1st batch), Sao Ha, Nur Wahn (108 types of sacred herbs), Wat Thepsuwannaram, Kedah, Malaysia (B.E.2536).

Co-chanted with : - 
1. Ajarn Nong, Wat Sai Khao, Pattani.
2. Luang Pu Win, Wat Phothichareantham, Penang.
3. Chao Khun Nam, Wat Thepbandit, Kedah.
4. Chao Khun Choy, Wat Visut Thipradit Tharam, Kedah.
5. Phor Than Perm, Kg. Wat Padang Peliang, Kedah.
Chao Khun Lek Lek (PT Kheng), Wat Boonyaram, Kedah.
7. and etc.
Luang Pu Thuad amulets are well know to protect the wearer from danger, evil spirits and accidents. Many people believe that amulets created in Luang Pu Thuad image hold great protective powers granting safety in times of distress, especially saving the lives of believers from seemingly fatal automobile accidents.