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Thakrud Narai Plaeng Roop 80 Years Old Batch, Nur ThongKam (gold), Phim Yai (big size), Acharn Nong, Wat Sai Khao, Pattani Province.

Effect : Saving the lives of people from seemingly fatal automobile accidents, Strong protection from harm and danger, Overcome all obstacles in life.

Thakrud Narai Plaeng Roop, or loosely translated as "Narayana (Hindu deity, avatar of Vishnu) changing form" was Acharn Nong's most famous sacred talisman which is extremely popular and famous among collectors due to many positive experiences among devotees. This is the one and only type of Thakrud ever created by Acharn Nong.

Acharn Nong mentioned to his devotees that he learnt to create such a thakrud from "Mae Nang Jan", a forest spirit who actually visited Acharn Nong in a dream to teach him the sacred method and incantations. Mae Nang Jan wanted to help Acharn Nong complete the building of the main shrine of Wat Sai Khao and also the monks' living quarters so as to gain merits.

Thakrud Narai Plaeng Roop is popularly known for "changing misfortune into good fortune". In ancient text, it was mentioned that this type of thakrud is created by very powerful magic which is like the Hindu God Vishnu changing into various avatars to aid his devotees to overcome all types of obstacles in life. However, such a thakrud was extremely difficult to create as the person creating this thakrud must have attained a high-level of supernatural power to be able to invite Vishnu and contain his image and power in the thakrud. Due to this difficulty, not many masters were able to create effective Thakrud Narai Plaeng Roop, with Acharn Nong being a notable exception.

It was known that Acharn Nong started creating Thakrud Narai Plaeng Roop for the first time around B.E.2496 (C.E.1953) using metal sheets. Later on, Acharn Nong would received ammunition catridges given to him by villagers as well as his disciples for him to create the thakrud. The ammunition catridges came in all sizes, large and small and many thakruds were created using these cartridges. Later on, these thakruds would also be created in gold casings given by donors. The item inside the thakrud is actually a type of wood known as "Mai Luang Pu Thuad", which can only be found on a mountain resided by the forest spririt Mae Nang Jan. Acharn Nong would not allow anyone to see how the thakrud was created and people were forbidden as a rule to open the thakrud. If the thakrud was open, the spell would be broken and the thakrud would no longer be usable.

Thakrud Narai Plaeng Roop is a common feature in many of Acharn Nong's amulets such as his medals, which goes to show how famous he is for his thakrud. Acharn Nong passed away in B.E.2542 (C.E.1999) without passing the knowledge of creating this thakrud to any of his disciples.

(Credit : The informations and details from Brother Smoke from Amulets.Sg. Just for sharing purpose.)

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