Monday, June 13, 2016

Takrut Sorot MongKhoon (十六吉祥符管), Pump Yant, Nur Takua, Roon 123 Years Anniversary Ajarn Nam, Wat Donsala, Phatthalung (B.E.2557)

Mass Chanted
Monks who attend the ceremony : Ajarn Prasoot, LP Maha Utai, Ajarn Utai,  LP Saguan, LP Eaum, Ajarn Hong, Ajarn Aied, LP Tud, LP Pong, Ajarn Plien and etc. 
Phitti BongSung lead by Archan Plien from Wat Khao Or, Phatthalung.
Yant "Sorot MongKhoon” consists of four sub “Yant”
- Theparwut ( god’s weapon): to eliminate and rid of bad spirit, evil or black magic.
- Sorot (16 auspicious): Harm proof against basically everything, thunder , fire , theft, evil
- Trinisinghay (Roar of the three lions): proof against sickness, bad spirit 
- Jaturo Polkasap (bringing wealth): this Yant is for bringing wealth to the owner.
By resting this takrut at home, the old believe it will protect everyone under the roof.