Saturday, June 11, 2016

Phra Pidta, Phim Lek, Nur Wahn, Phor Than Daeng, Wat Thong Dee, Sg. Golok, Narathiwat (B.E.2529)

Phor Than Daeng was born on 3rd August B.E.2449 (C.E.1906) in Takbai, Narathiwat. During his teenage days there's no boundary demarcation in this Southern part of Thailand. When he was young, he travel to Malaysia and visited some temple, one of the temple is Wat Utammaram (Wat Bangsek) , Kelantan. He was one of the disciple for Tok Raja. 
Phor Than Daeng is good in Metta Maha Niyom, Kaew Klaad (escape from harm), KongKrapan (self-defense against sharp objects) and Maha Utt (impenetrable by gunshot). He is a very close friend of Phor Than Daeng of Wat Pikulthong (Tumpat, Kelantan). 
Phor Than Daeng passed away on 13th December B.E.2532, Wednesday 6.40am in sitting meditation posture. Visitors can visit Wat Thong Dee Pachalam to pay homage to Phor Than Daeng. With deepest respect to Phor Than Daeng for achieving Parinibbana by his early Dharma learning under the guidance of Tok Raja.

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