Friday, January 29, 2016

Phra Lersi Chum Talad (forward), Lo Bolan, Phor Than Pong, Wat Jaeng, Phatthalung (B.E.2555)

Phra Lersi Chum Talad (forward) is Brahmin deities as a result of the overlapping Buddhist/Brahmin cosmology. Phra Lersi Chum Tal ad is great for the wearer who moving forward. The wearer won't stay at one place forever, will always have the opportunity to move forward. 

Phra Lersi are Indian hermits who are credited to be the founders and patron saints of various professions like doctors, religious tattooists, white magic practitioners, herbalists and many others.

There are a total of 108 sacred hermits who are recognised by name and many others who are not. Most often than not, all 108 of the hermits are represented by a generic image of a wisely old man wearing a conical hat and tiger skin robes but there are also specific images who represent specific Phra Lersi.

In Indian mythology, Phra Lersi received worldly knowledge from the gods and taught these knowledges to men. Thus, these Phra Lersi are also the masters of knowledge and are frequently worshipped by students and people in academic pursuits.

As Phra Lersi are also credited to be the founders of the Thai magical arts, they feature prominently on the altars of magical practitioners in Thailand and are invoked in rituals.

By carrying with oneself the images of Phra Lersi, one can be protected from all forms of black magic and evil spirits as well. Students are also recommended to wear his image as he is able to aid one in studies and knowledgeable pursuits.

Effect : It has superb power of protection, prosperity, harmony, avoiding negative influences or chi, prevent black magic, winning over business competition.