Monday, July 6, 2015

Roop Muern Pump 1st batch, Luang Phor Moon, Wat Khao Daeng Tawan Ork, Phatthalung Province (B.E.2516) (come with uamulet card)

Come with uamulet verification card. 100% genuine and money back guarantee.
 LP Moon aka Phra Khru Ta Woon Chai Koon is disciple of Archan Thong Tao Wat Kao Or and is of the same generation as Archan Parn, Wat Kao Or and Archan Nam, Wat Donsala. (同门师兄弟) 
LP Moon was given title of Phra Khru in year B.E.2525 at the age of 85 years old and passed away the following year in B.E.2526 at the age of 86. LP Moon well known for his magic knowledge in "Wicha A-Khom" and also herbs/medicinal knowledge which he have helped cure many people around Southern Thailand.
This Roop Muern Pump created only 3000 pieces and only one material was created. This piece is maintained in great condition with original skin/surface. 

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