Thursday, April 17, 2014

Phra Pidta Jumbo Sorng, Nur Phom Tut (with thick gold frame), Luang Pu Toh, Wat Pradoochimpee, Bangkok. (B.E.2521-2523)

Phra Pidta Jumbo Sorng was created by Luang Pu Toh of Wat Pradoochimpee (Bangkok) and it was blessed from B.E. 2521 to B.E. 2523. It is one of the Phra Pidta which was created in the Roon SamTaiMak batch.

Extremely Rare!

This Pidta Jumbo Sorng B.E. 2521-2523, With One Silver Takruts Below.
Phra Pidta Jumbo 2 is one of the most collectable amulet that Luang Pu Toh had made in B.E. 2521-2523/ A.D. 1978-1980. This Batch of Pidta was divided in to
Three Types of material:

(1) Nur Bailan - Bailan in Thai Word means Sutra (Phrase Of Buddha Teaches That Written On Leaf). This black colour Pidta was made by Old Sutra Books.The Thais believe that amulets that made by Bailan (Sutra Leaf) had powerful protection in it.

(2) Nur Kesong - Kesong in Thai word means Jasmine Powder.This Yellow Colour Pitda was made by Jasmine Powder and the Thais believe that this Amulets can bring them Mahalap (Loving Kindness) either in business or relationship.

Nur PhomTut - Phomtut in Thai Word means Joss stick powder.This Grey Colour Pitda was made by Joss-stick Powder and the Thais believe that this Amulet can help them in avoiding Danger/Accident.

Among This Three Type of Material, Bailan had the most Quantity (34974 Pieces), Kesong (3056 Pics) and of course PhomTut had the Less Quantity (2700 Pics). Some of the Pitda are soak in Holy Water for Three Years but heard only Nur Bailan was soaked in Holy Water.

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