Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Phra Chinaraj MongKun Chiwit Phim Chalu, (Gold Plated with a Silver Takrut), Luang Phor Kaek, Wat SoonThongPhraDit, Phitsanulok Province (B.E.2555)

Every single piece come with individual code number in thai numerals.

Phra Buddha Chinaraj is acclaimed to be one of the most beautiful Buddha image in the Kingdom of Thailand. 18 feet tall, made of gold, its significance only comes next to Phra Keow Morokoq. The original Chinaraj is now situated at Wat Yai, Pitsanulok. Owing to its significance, the people of Thailand holds great reverence to this sacred image of Buddha. The majestic Phra Buddha Chinaraj projects an aura of authority to its bearer, at the same time providing protection, dispelling evil, bringing wealth by promoting smoothness in our endeavour, success, loving kindness, good luck, family harmony, etc.

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