Monday, March 16, 2009

Thep Jamleng Pamora or King of Butterfly(with two real gold takruts) made and blessed by Khruba Krisahna Intawanno, Wat Pa Mahawan, Nakhon Ratchasima (B.E.2547).

Khruba Krisahna Intawanno is a famous Guru, known for making efficacious pendants of the King of Butterfly or Thep Jamleng Pamora. The efficacy of his pendants has been witnessed by many of his believers and had even won over many hardcore sceptics who had originally thought that this was just another sales gimmick thought about by enterprising amulets businessmen. Many people who have worn the above pendant have reported very significant changes to their lives and experiences of good luck and good fortune. As such, this amulet is very popular with devotees especially from the Asian countries due to its many good experiences.

The price for a King of Butterfly amulet of this kind and size can go up to a few hundred US dollars. However, in order to spread the teachings of Buddha Dhamma under Khruba's guidance, there are pieces been offered at much lower rental and is a good rent for new devotees. Handwritten real gold takruts of Khruba Krisahna Intawanno, a few pieces of colourful gemstones have been attached to the back of the amulet. The gold takruts enhance the power of the pendant while the exquisite gemstones bring about richness and good interpersonal relationships. Khruba Krisahna Intawanno once said that gemstones have beneficial energy within themselves naturally and by using gemstones in his pendants, Khruba Krisahna Intawanno is harnessing the natural powers of gemstones to bless people with good luck and fortune. However, Khruba said that not just any gemstone bought from the jeweller can be worn for such purposes as the stones have to be blessed and cleansed first of impure energy by a qualified master who has the mind power to do so. The painting on the amulet was done by Khruba Krisahna Intawanno himself using natural paints.

As this is a painstaking job, Khruba could only produce very little of each of these pendants each day. That is the reason why these amulets are in great demand by devotees. Khruba's amulet is made of a carefully-selected mixture of flower powder, holy powder and other sacred materials. As such, this nice amulet has a strong and pleasant fragrance that lingers around even after a long period of time. This amulet has been blessed personally by Khruba Krisahna Intawanno himself when it was rented from the temple.

The effects of the King of Butterfly amulet are as follows:
Helps in creating business opportunities and drawing wealth. Dissolving disharmony and discord between people. Easier to find help from people around. Conquering and eliminating enemies. Grants wishes and helps you achieve your aims. Averting obstacles and danger.

Thanks for people who support us. This amulet has been rented out.