Monday, May 21, 2018

1st batch Roop Muern Pump, Silver Material, Kruba Noi, Wat Sridonmoon A.Sarapee, Chiang Mai Province (B.E.2557)

No. : 305
Made : 700 pcs

*with KB Noi handwritten Yant on the base of the amulet.

Come with barnd new waterproof acrylic casing and temple box.

Special : This is Superb Powerful of First Batch Silver Kruba Noi Roop Muern Pump (Height 2.8cm) strongly blessed by Kruba Noi in year B.E.2557. Featured efficacious of sacred image of Kruba Noi with name details at front. Additional with temple name details, ONE in Thai numeral which represent 'First Batch' and series number 305 at back. Hand Carved Yants & Chop 3 Codes at bottom. This sacred First Batch Kruba Noi Roop Murn Pump is made from sacred Silver materials and for total made 700pcs only. Supplied with temple box. I strongly recommend for all the collector who like KB Noi's amulet.   

Effect : Prosperity, Wealthy fetching, Bring Good Protection and Peace, Improve to strong business luck, boost your career and business, Protection from harm and danger, Deflect away black magic and bad luck.